Abel Tesfaye who goes by the stage name The Weeknd has been making a big impact on music for nearly 7 years now. He started off dropping mixtapes that created a huge buzz online which led him to become the star he is today, a multi-platinum arena selling recording artist with lots of award trophies in his house we can imagine!

His career has gone from strength to strength and less than three months ago he released his third studio album ‘Starboy’ which contains some of his very best work to date. The album debuted at #1 in multiple countries including the US with opening sales of 348,000. In the US, it was the third-largest debut sales week of 2016, the second-biggest week for album streams ever just behind Drake’s ‘Views’.


As ‘Starboy’ was one of the best albums of last year and The Weeknd has just started his huge worldwide ‘Legend of the Fall’ tour, here are the 5 best tracks you need to check out from the album if you haven’t already:

Die For You

This is easily one of The Weeknd’s best songs of his entire career. His vocal melodies are some of the best we’ve ever heard and the lyrics in the chorus are sung with such passion. The production is the perfect blend of old mixtape Abel to new commercial Abel. No doubt a 10/10 song.

I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)

It has been said a lot throughout the years that The Weeknd’s voice is very similar to Michael Jackson and this song in particular is the perfect example. ‘I Feel It Coming’ features Daft Punk and they have made such a groovy Michael-esque track that is like a modern day take on his MJ’s classic ‘Off The Wall’ album. The song became the second single off ‘Starboy’ and has been a huge success on the radio and charts since.

Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)

Named after the album, ‘Starboy’ was the lead single to kick off the album campaign and is another Daft Punk collaboration. The US #1 single is a very radio friendly car cruising track. The song isn’t as bold as other tracks on the album but it’s hook is very contagious. Within a couple of plays you will have yourself singing the chorus continuously.

Love To Lay

If this song doesn’t make you wanna get up and dance then something is wrong. If you listen to the song clearly then you will realise this song isn’t all positive as it seems. The song is actually about  The Weeknd being taken advantage of by a relationship he had once with a woman. He’s almost making a situation he hates being in sound care free.


From the get-go the Tears for Fears sample is just epic. The sample gives the song more an edge and darkness to it as The Weeknd sings “I hear the secrets that you keep. When you’re talkin’ in your sleep“. This is easily one of the best moments on the album and deserves a dark storytelling music video which The Weeknd is the king of making!

Side note: the interlude called ‘Stargirl’ feauring Lana Del Rey is bloody amazing and should be a full song.