2016 is kinda a messy year for Spice Girls fans. First of all it’s pretty nostalgic because it’s 20 years since their debut album took over the world but it’s also kind of sad because their rumoured reunion is really disappointing. With the announcement earlier this year that only 3 members (Geri, Emma, Melanie B) would be taking part calling themselves Spice Girls GEM.. it kind of doesn’t really live up to the hype.

The most recent Spice news is that Geri is pregnant expecting her second child which may postpone/cancel the reunion rumours. Is it for the best?

Collectively all 5 members of the girls have released quite a lot of solo material between them and I thought I would do a top 30 countdown since I feel some of their solo work is some what forgotten or not given enough recognition.

30. Matt Cardle & Melanie C – Loving You

29. Emma Bunton – Crickets Sing For Anamaria

28. Emma Bunton – Take My Breath Away

27. Geri Halliwell – Lift Me Up

26. Emma Bunton – Free Me

25. Melanie C – Carolyna 

24. Victoria Beckham – Let Your Head Go

23. Melanie B – Tell Me

22. Victoria Beckham – Not Such An Innocent Girl

21. Geri Halliwell – Desire

20. Melanie C – Northern Star

19. Melanie B – Feels So Good

18. Tin Tin Out feat. Emma Bunton – What I Am

17. Melanie B – Lullaby 

16. Melanie C – On The Horizon 

15. Geri Halliwell – Bag It Up

14. Emma Bunton – I’ll Be There

13. Melanie B – Word Up

12. Melanie C – Anymore

11. Geri Halliwell – Mi Chico Latino

10. Melanie C – I Turn To You

9. Geri Halliwell – Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

8. Emma Bunton – What Took You So Long

7. Melanie C – Goin’ Down

6. Geri Halliwell – Look At Me

5. True Steppers feat. Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham – Out Of Your Mind

4. Melanie B feat. Missy Elliott – I Want You Back

3. Emma Bunton – Maybe

2. Melanie C feat. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes – Never Be The Same Again

1. Melanie C & Bryan Adams – When You’re Gone