2015, what a fucking brilliant year for albums right?! So much released and so much of it actually being good shit. For the first time I can say I actually proper like all 50 in this countdown.

Last year I did a top 35 because I would struggle to think of 50 albums worthy of a ranking!

I was too lazy to listen to albums by Ellie Goulding and Justin Bieber this year so don’t think I’m a hater for not including them. Sorry. (No pun intended)

*All based on UK release dates

Let’s get on with this countdown…

50. Kid Ink – Full Speed


Hip-hop meets pop. Can’t really complain.

49. Bjork – Vulnicura 


I know a lot you lot will think this deserves a much higher ranking but the truth of the matter is that I barely listened to this album despite liking it. Unpopular opinion but I do think that I preferred Bjork’s previous album ‘Biophillia’ to this.

48. Enya – Dark Sky Island 


Queen of making calm music Enya returned to music and she was back to old good ol’ self. The lead single ‘Echoes In Rain’ is still my favourite on the record.

47. Dr. Dre – Compton


Hip Hop LEGEND Dr. Dre made a return with a new studio album and it didn’t disappoint. A one too many features on the album though for my liking.

46. Lianne La Havas – Blood


British singer songwriter Lianne La Havas released the follow up to her debut album and delivered once again proving she is one of Britain’s most talented around.

45. Pusha T – King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude


I only heard this album last week since it was only released about two weeks ago and it instantly clicked with me. Great production with some really good features.

44. Alesha Dixon – Do It For Love


Alesha Dixon got back to doing what she does best this year and that’s making music. Released on her own independent label, the urban dance pop flavoured record has Alesha releasing some of her most personal songs.

43. Jamie xx – In Colour


I don’t know why but I seemed to have slept on this record at the beginning of this year for some reason. As someone who was a fan of The xx, it wasn’t very hard getting into Jamie’s solo record.

42. Nick Jonas – Nick Jonas x2


Nick Jonas all grown up and releasing some of the best pop tunes this year! The album is a little messy when it comes to it’s sound but you can’t argue with singles like ‘Jealous’ and ‘Levels’. ‘Area Code’ on the re-issue is a  real stand-out too.

41. Kelly Clarkson – Piece By Piece


Ok, so this might be one of Kelly Clarkson’s weaker albums but if you take it for what it actually is then it’s not actually that bad. The second single ‘Invincible’ written by Sia should have been a smash and ‘Nostalgic’ should have been a single!

40. Estelle – True Romance


Estelle made a lowkey comeback with ‘True Romance’ and it contained some bangers sadly many of you don’t know about.

39. A$AP Rocky – AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP


This may be no where as enjoyable to listen to as his debut album ‘Long.Live.A$AP’ but then again, what is? There may be no ‘Fashion Killa’ or ‘Wild For The Night’ moment on here but this record did produce songs like ‘L$D’, ‘Better Things’ and ‘Everyday’.

38. Troye Sivan – Blue Neighbourhood


Troye was one of 2015’s most exciting pop stars and still remains exciting for what might become of his career in 2016.

37. Ne-Yo – Non Fiction 


It’s such a shame Ne-Yo records don’t get talked about like they used to. I respect Ne-Yo for tryna keep R&B alive.

36. Halsey – Badlands 


One of the most talked about new acts of 2015 that seemed to be an “over night” success with a crazy fan base building a lot of the hype. Badlands is a great record all in all.

35. Ella Eyre – Feline


It took it’s god damn time to be released to the point where no one really cared by the time it did but there’s no denying those killer raw tracks on here! This record sounds a lot better live btw. It’s one of “those” albums.

34. Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon


Lana finally decided to get into the car didn’t she? Honeymoon is definitely a grower of an album and much more enjoyable than her previous album ‘Ultraviolence’.

33. Prince – HITnRUN Phase One 


Prince is on a roll with releasing albums these days isn’t he? ‘HITnRUN Phase One’ sounds like a modern version of Prince’s 80’s jams if you ask me. He’s got us dancing once again!

32. One Direction – Made In The AM


What 1D achieved with this album is more heartfelt acoustic ballads and rocky stadium anthems. I ain’t mad.

31. Adele – 25


Hello, it’s me. Thank you for coming back dear.

30. Snoop Dogg – Bush


A Pharrell Williams produced Snoop Dogg album? of course it’s good!

29. Fetty Wap – Fetty Wap


Another newcomer we’re proud to have. This album is like hit after hit.

28. Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams


Coldplay have got it spot on this time. If this was released within the first half of the year then maybe this would be in my top 10.

27. Alessia Cara – Know-It-All


My favourite new act of 2015.

26. Hilary Duff – Breathe In. Breathe Out.


Hilary’s albums always deliver what they should. Great pop songs.

25. Madonna – Rebel Heart

Madonna_-_Rebel_Heart_(Official_Album_Cover) (1).png

This could have been in my top 10 if the album was reduced to like 12 songs. A little too much fat.

24. Rae Morris – Unguarded 


One of my favourite releases in the early part of this year. Can’t wait to see where Rae will take her second album.

23. Miguel – Wildheart


Miguel delivered a more hard and rockier sound to his follow up of ‘Kaleidoscope Dreams’ which was more of a smooth loving R&B album. It’s all good though, Wildheart did contain more dirty clit-licking tracks.

22. The Corrs – White Light


The Corrs returned after 10 years and I wasn’t expecting to care for a new album in 2015 until I heard ‘White Light’ and I was very pleasantly surprised.

21. Little Mix – Get Weird


The only girl band to make the list. Little Mix, easily the best girl band around right now released their best album to date which is very colourful and personality driven and I’ve loved everything they’ve done this year with no shame.

20. Charli XCX – Sucker


Yeah yeah, we miss the old Charli but Sucker certainly doesn’t suck. It’s louder, rockier and very tongue and cheek.

19. Florence + the Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful 


Starting my top 20 with miss Florence Welch. Seeing these songs live just take them to a whole another level.

18. Meghan Trainor – Title 


Say what you want about M-Train, but this is a great pop album and I truly believe she’s a great pop star and her song writing skills on this album and on others prove that.

17. Jason Derulo – Everything Is 4


Jason released his best album since his debut. Every song sounds like a hit which is a shame because he seems to over promoted ‘Want To Want Me’ all year round.

16. Marina & The Diamonds – Froot


Marina’s offering on Froot was rather delicious indeed.

15. Years & Years – Communion


Synthpop realness.

14. Fleur East – Love, Sax and Flashbacks


The birth of Britain’s next best pop star to be!

13. Ciara – Jackie


It’s not really a shock Ciara released another killer album. She seems to have a habit of doing that recently, doesn’t she?

12. Kehlani – You Should Be Here


I know Kehlani, you don’t need to remind me.. it’s a MIXTAPE and not an album but it’s so good that we all consider it one!

11. Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise


I was so shocked at how much I LOVED this album. Big Sean at his very best!

10. Brandon Flowers – The Desired Effect


When I heard Brandon Flowers was releasing a new solo record I wasn’t very excited at all since the first one was a whole lot of nothing to me. ‘The Desired Effect’ however is a whole lot of amazingness.

09. Janet Jackson – Unbreakable


I think the world had given up on Janet releasing a new studio album since the unofficial news of her retiring and becoming a Muslim. Those rumours were put to rest when Jackson announced a music comeback in May. ‘Unbreakable’ was more than worth the wait even if it doesn’t have any signature sex jams on it. ‘No Sleeep’ will do.

08. The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness


2015 has been Abel’s year to shine and boy did he. With three huge hits of his own and a worldwide smash of an album, it’s safe to say The Weeknd is the new huge male pop star on the planet. ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ is dark, sexy and smooth and has been a big part of my 2015.

07. Selena Gomez – Revival 


‘Revival’ is that album you would consider a “masterpiece” in an artists discography. Every song has it’s own personal meaning to it and I love every single one of them.

06. Tove Lo – Queen of the Clouds


Scandi-pop has been taken over the music scene for the past two years and Tove Lo has been a big part of that. ‘Queen of the Clouds’ is pop at it’s best and Tove is the future.

05. Tori Kelly – Unbreakable Smile


Tori and her honest lyrics <3. ‘Unbreakable Smile’, the album is reminiscent of both Lauryn Hill and Stacie Orrico with some Tori flavour. The album is soulful and sweet and a cracking debut.

04. Grimes – Art Angels


One of 2015’s most experimental albums and easily the best album artwork of the year. This is a masterpiece album whatever genre it fits under. From the more commercial pop sounding tracks to the crazy experimental rocky dance tracks, it all falls into place very well.

03. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly


The best hip-hop album by an absolute mile. That is all that needs to be said. King Kendrick.

02. Jess Glynne – I Cry When I Laugh


Jess Glynne is a slight tied favourite album of the year but it falls slighly short at #2. From it’s soulful R&B influence to it’s dance numbers, I love every song minus one which I still like.

01. Carly Rae Jepsen – EMOTION


Everything you have heard about this highly acclaimed pop album is all true and far far more. From the bubblegum pop to the 80’s synth-pop influenced songs, it’s one of the best pop albums in years. Carly got me feeling all sorts of Emotions, literally.