Been invited to a Halloween party and struggling to think of who you can go as this year? Well maybe one of these celebrity looks from 2015 will help you out a little.

Wanna look A-list? Well maybe now you will!

mermaids gif

Here are some memorable looks from this year that you can steal from…

01. Rihanna at the Met Gala


It was evidently clear that Rihanna stole the spotlight at this years Met Gala event in her beautiful long yellow dress. It made such an impact on the event, the dress went viral with several memes.

For example:


What else is also evidently clear is that if you wear a dress inspired by this Rihanna look, you will steal the spotlight too in less than Four Five Seconds.

02. Madonna at the BRIT Awards 


It’s pretty disappointing that Madonna isn’t selling capes as tour merch on her Rebel Heart Tour but maybe she wants us to forget about her falling down the stairs at the BRIT Awards due to her cape dragging her down. None the less, this is an iconic moment of 2015 and Madonna’s overall look had a cool burlesque/devil vibe to it which would be perfect for October 31st!

Be careful if you do rock this look that you stay away from all stairs as possible!

03. Miley’s various VMA looks

miley7 miley-cyrus miley-cyrus-outfits-2015-vmas

Miley hosted this years MTV VMAs and it was no surprise that she wore some very interesting outfits. Wanna wear not many clothes because you feel like it and don’t really wanna dress up? Just say you’re Miley! Everyone will buy it.

04. Kylie Jenner


2015 has seen Kylie Jenner transform into various different looks. From her signature lips to her ever changing hair style, Miss Jenner has become a style icon. Wanna wear a colourful wig with a bold lip colour? Then Kylie J is your inspiration!

05. Fetty Wap

fetty wao

Fetty Wap has stood out for a couple of reasons this year. One being for his breakthrough hits that have taken over the charts and another for his unique image. When he was a child, Fetty developed glaucoma in both eyes. He revealed in a 2015 interview that doctors were unable to save his left eye and instead fitted him with an ocular prosthesis. To pay homeage to Wap you could put a white contact in your right eye and wear a bandanna like he is on his album cover. It’s all fun and respect to the man!

06. The Weeknd


The Weeknd AKA Abel’s hair is easily his trademark when it comes to his look and everyone will know who you are imitating if you attempt this hair style. It might take a lot of skill but it’s the effort that counts!

07. Little Mix’s Black Magic geek look


Thinking of dressing up as a group effort? Maybe you could get inspired by Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’ music video where they were geeks that blossomed into hot chicks.