One Direction – Drag Me Down

One Direction are yet to put their new song on a video format so for now we’ll just settle for nothing. It is available on iTunes worldwide and on Spotify etc to stream though. The new single is their first song released without ex-band member Zayn and it’s not half bad. The song lacks the powerful stadium vibe their previous singles such as ‘Best Song Ever’ and ‘Steal My Girl’ have but I don’t see their Directioners complaining. The song is a solid 7/10

Jess Glynne – Why Me

Jess Glynne fails to leave me disappointed. The latest song Jess has let the world hear before her highly anticipated debut album comes out is ‘Why Me’ and it is Jess’ most raw song we’ve heard to date. Glynne in interviews has expressed how her album is a more positive album however ‘Why Me’ seems to be the more dark side to Jess that  we don’t see very often. It’s lyrics are very storytelling about a previous relationship she has been in as she passionately keepings singing “WHY ME?! You left me all alone!“. The songs production is very underground London with a slight garage vibe which is some what the sound Jess started off with in her debut solo single ‘Right Here’. All I’m saying is, happy, sad, pop, R&B, garage vibes – I love this chick. She can do it all.

Alicia Keys – 28 Thousand Days

I wasn’t expecting Alicia to drop a song suddenly on Friday but I was happy as I am a fairly big fan of Alicia and have supported her since I was really young. The song ’28 Thousand Days’ is very signature Alicia with very beautiful piano work which is no surprise since that’s what she does best. The songs positive lyrics makes the whole track very inspirational and kind of takes you back to the 2003 ‘The Diary of Alicia Keys’ days which seems her fans have been missing from her. Her fans have feared she had “sold out” and gone a little too pop and commercial but this song certainly isn’t that at all.