Formed in 2010, Years & Years have gone a long way since first starting. It all REALLY took off when the band won the prestigious BBC Sound of 2015.

Since then the band have achieved hit singles around the world, including a number 1 in their home country with ‘King’ and have been a part of every important festival to have taken place this year.

With their highly anticipated debut album ‘Communion’ out and topping the charts in the UK outselling the rest of the top 5 albums that week with impressive sales of 60,000, you are probably wondering if the hype is all worth it and justified.

In all honesty, it is all very well deserved.

Even though the bands singles ‘Take Shelter’, ‘Desire’, ‘King’ and ‘Shine’ are some what some of the very best songs on the record, it is a very cohesive piece of work with such a synthpop production with a strong R&B/90’s house influence.


Track by track rating:

  1. Foundation – 7/10
  2. Real – 8/10
  3. Shine – 10/10
  4. Take Shelter – 9/10
  5. Worship – 8/10
  6. Eyes Shut – 7/10
  7. Ties – 8/10
  8. King – 10/10
  9. Desire – 9/10
  10. Gold – 7/10
  11. Without – 7/10
  12. Border – 7/10
  13. Memo – 8/10
  14. 1977 – 6/10
  15. Ready For You (Acoustic) – 8/10
  16. I Want To Love – 9/10
  17. King (Acoustic) – 8/10

Overall album rating: 8/10

Without doubt, Years & Years are 2015’s most exciting new British act. Killer singles, great live shows and a debut album that is one of the best this year so far. I see this band going all the way this year becoming a worldwide sensation as they continue to gain a large fan base around the globe.