I still feel as if I’m dreaming sometimes because I’ve wanted her to make a new studio album so badly for at least a good five years but it’s actually fucking happening this year. This Fall.

If you follow me on Twitter or know me well in person, it’s no secret that I rate Janet Jackson very very much. I can’t really put into words why I love her so much but I have always had this crazy soft spot for her. Like, when I was much younger we didn’t have the music channels at home so I would watch them every time I was at my cousins. With it being the early 2000’s and the All For You era, of course Janet was on all the time.

There is something about her music videos and her overall presence which keeps me wanting more. To me, she is genuinely like no other. An icon. A trendsetter.

In 2011, Janet toured worldwide and I actually got to see her live at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall and it was a dream come true.

Shortly after the tour, Janet went real quiet as she got married and it was said she had “quit” the showbiz/music industry.

With the announcement of a new album and world tour this year on her 49th birthday, my whole entire body is some what not ready!

On Monday, Janet shared the lead single of her new album ‘No Sleeep’

Here are the results:

And here are my thoughts:

I love it.

I mean, if you love R&B from the golden 90’s days then you really can’t go wrong with it.

It’s timeless production with Janet’s soft warm vocals are kinda everything.

Like most of her songs, it’s pure sex.

The best choice for the albums ‘lead’ or ‘promotional’ single? Well that’s kinda debatable but I really don’t think Janet is back in the game just to score #1 hits like she used to. She’s above that.

The lyrics and tone of the whole song are kinda reminiscent of Janet’s 1997 album ‘The Velvet Rope’ one of her finest masterpieces.

The song’s top three highlights:

  1. The fact that it’s a new Janet song in 2015
  2. The “queen of insomnia” line
  3. That it’s sound is pure sexy R&B which is what our Janet does best

What do I want next?

Some new up-tempo song with some killer choreography.

We know it’s still in you Jan!


And UK tour dates for your Unbreakable World Tour!