Last week in the UK both British female artists Jessie Ware and Jessie J released new studio albums. Tough Love is Jessie Ware’s second album and Sweet Talker is Jessie J’s third.

Even though both artists music couldn’t be more completely different from each other I thought I’d change it up and review each album back to back with a rating out out of 10 for each song on each record as well as a summary for both.

Jessie Ware – Tough Love


01. Tough Love – 8/10

02. You & I (Forever) – 10/10

03. Cruel – 9/10

04. Say You Love Me – 7/10

05. Sweetest Song – 7/10

6. Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe – 8/10

06. Want Your Feeling – 9/10

07. Pieces – 7/10

08. Keep On Lying – 8/10

09. Champagne Kisses – 9/10

10. Desire – 7/10

11. All On You – 8/10

12. Share It All – 8/10

13. The Way We Are – 7/10

14. Midnight Caller – 10/10

Album Rating – 9/10

As a huge fan of Ware’s debut album ‘Devotion’, I was very conscious how her second album would play out. ‘Tough Love’ is not only a better album overall than her debut, but it has a lot more versatility. Devotion had the same sound throughout the album but Tough Love is much more experimental at times. Songs like ‘Want Your Feeling’ and ‘Midnight Caller’ show the growth of her sound over the years. I feel Jessie wants to be like one of her favourite singers Sade where she grows each album that goes by but is still able to maintain her signature sound without selling out and doing something way out of her comfort zone.

Jessie J – Sweet Talker


01. Ain’t Been Done – 7/10

02. Burnin’ Up (Feat. 2 Chainz) – 6/10

03. Sweet Talker – 9/10

04. Bang Bang (feat. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj) – 9/10

05. Fire – 5/10

06. Personal – 6/10

07. Masterpiece – 7/10

08. Seal Me With A Kiss (feat. De La Soul) – 7/10

09. Said Too Much – 6/10

10. Loud (feat. Lindsey Stirling) – 5/10

11. Keep Us Together – 7/10

12. Get Away – 5/10

13. Your Loss I’m Found – 6/10

14. Strip – 9/10

15. You Don’t Really Know Me – 7/10

Album Rating – 6/10

As a Jessie J fan from the start, I am really dissapointed. There is no doubt Jessie has one of the best voices right now and she ALWAYS * K I L L S * it on stage but this album sounds very rushed and has far too many filler tracks. It has only been just over a year since her last studio album ‘Alive’ which I still think is her best album to date because it sounds like an ALBUM and not a bunch of songs put together which her debut ‘Who You Are’ and this album ‘Sweet Talker’ both sound like. The three songs that are really good on this record are Bang Bang, Strip and the album title track. Since Alive didn’t get a release in the US like they planned, I feel like they rushed a new release which really shows sadly.

So there you have it. If you aren’t rich enough to buy both records and you like both Jessie’s then go with Jessie Ware’s. Simple.