Maroon 5 – My Heart Is Open (feat. Gwen Stefani)

With the release of Maroon 5’s fifth album being released tomorrow, the band during the week dropped a new track ‘My Heart Is Open’ for fans to hear which will be on the album and it features non other than queen Gwen Stefani! The track sounds very similar to Avicii’s ‘Don’t Wake Up’ but a ballad version. The song isn’t anything to get overally excited for but it’s nice to have Gwen making music solo again, even if she is better in No Doubt. 

Nicole Scherzinger – On The Rocks

Coming straight after releasing her summer anthem ‘Your Love’, Nicole Scherzy is back with ‘On The Rocks’. The song has a more chilled vibe to the song and is one of those “it’ll grow on me.. hopefully” type of tracks. It might not sound like a future number one smash but it’s great to see Nicole experimenting. Nicole’s album is set to be released later this year and I am sure the album will be more killer than this track.

11:11 – Fly

New upcoming urban pop boy band 11:11 released the music video for their promo single ‘Fly’ and it is such a catchy number. With not many urban boy bands out in the UK right now, these guys stand a chance of breaking out. If ‘Fly’ is anything to go by, I am super excited to see what else these lads are going to release.