Lana Del Rey released her second studio album ‘Ultraviolence‘ on June 13th which with no surprise has become a worldwide smash.

The album debuted at #1 on 15 different charts and 12 different countries including the UK Official Album Charts and the US Billboard 200 become Lana’s first #1 in the US. Worldwide, the album sold 880,000 copies in it’s first week.

Within a couple of weeks, the album has already gone Gold in Canada (40.000) and Silver in the UK (60.000).


The album starts off with ‘Cruel World‘ which has Lana’s signature sound immediately. The track would have fit in very well with her previous album and EP. This is straight away followed by the album title track which a total masterpiece. The vocals on the chorus are so dreamy and chilled. The song has such emotion and passion in it.

Brooklyn Baby‘ which is a couple songs later is an indie anthem which truly is love at first listen. The catchy sing-a-long chorus which has a dark summer vibe to it makes you want to drive late at night blasting it. ‘West Coast‘ which has the same indie pop vibe to it comes next which is a little similar to ‘Body Electric‘ from ‘Born To Die: The Paradise Edition‘. The lead single from the record really set the tone for the whole album as it is a lot more darker than her debut.

Sad Girl‘ the title kind of sums up the song itself. The track which sounds a little like a lullaby is Lana expressing her sadness with a really catchy “money on the side, money on the side” chorus which saves the track from being boring and a little repetitive.

Three songs after, ‘Old Money‘ happens and you really are stunned. The song is easily one of Lana’s most beautiful tracks. If the song ever got a single release I could imagine it getting a similar video to ‘Video Games‘ or potentially ‘Ride‘.

The album closer on the deluxe edition ‘Florida Kilos‘ sounds like something that didn’t make the cut for the Born To Die album. It’s easily the most uplifting song on the whole album altogether as well as the most upbeat.

The Ultraviolence album for sure isn’t your ‘love at first listen’ type of album. The songs within the album make you work a lot harder to understand and appreciate but once you’ve grown to like the sound of the album you will have yourself hooked. Ultraviolence is without a doubt different to Lana’s previous records released but isn’t a huge change in sound. You can for sure separate the first album to the second but still like both and appreciate how she is growing as an artist.

Key tracks: Ultraviolence, Brooklyn Baby, West Coast, Old Money, Florida Kilos

Overall album rating: 8/10