Nicole Scherzinger – Your Love

Finally back into releasing music, Nicole premieres her first single since Boomerang which came out over a year ago now. On first play Your Love seems to lack everything a ‘comeback’ single should have. But once you hit that repeat button, Nicole really has your love. The soon to hopefully be summer anthem seems to have a really catchy hook that you really can’t help but singalong to. The ‘do do do do do’ really sticks inside your head. The only downfall with the song is that it doesn’t showcase the outstanding voice she has. Time after time Nicole pulls out an amazing TV performance with flawless vocals and people seem to be surprised?! It’s obviously because not many of her solo singles really showcase the voice she has.

Neon Jungle – Louder

New girl band Neon Jungle have been on the scene for a little while now and seem to be having success with every release so far. From their debut top 20 single Trouble to their two follow up top 10’s Braveheart and Welcome To The Jungle, the singles have been more dancefloor club songs but with Louder they seem to have found the happy medium of a dance song and power ballad that work well together. The chorus is really powerful and dare I say their best single to date? The upcoming release is taken from their debut album ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ coming this August.