Ariana Grande – Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)

On my first play, I couldn’t get over how the trumpet hook sounded identical to Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’. It’s practically the same. After a couple of plays though the whole song does stay in your head since it is so damn catchy. It isn’t Ariana’s best single and has more a pop vibe to it unlike her previous 90’s R&B sound on her debut album but the new sound has potential to grow on me if her whole album is going down this route. Unfortunately, I hope she doesn’t. I feel if she goes down this route, her image and pop sound that is similar to a lot of artists today will make us not notice how amazing her voice actually is. Minus a great debut album with the perfect run of singles last year, the reason she’s really getting a lot of attention from the new single is because of how we were amazed at how good her voice really was for a kids TV actress. I hope she starts to show more of the potential in the 2nd album.

Jennifer Lopez – First Love

J-Lo has treated us with a lot of singles and promo tracks that might be included on her next album, and First Love is the latest. This song is pure J-Lo. It is the perfect mix of pop and R&B together. In recent years Jenny Lo’s hits have been more down the European dance pop route and less Jenny From The Block / Murder Inc. Remix J-Lo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little biased with Jennifer Lopez and I can honestly say 90% of the stuff she releases I like but I do love that the whole ‘Jenny From The Block’ persona is coming back. It’s fine if still does pop, as long as it’s not predictable and isn’t another song with Flo Rida or bloody Pitbull. If she changes it up from time to time like she has done with this latest track then I think her audience will stay interested. I have a feeling this new J-Lo record is going to be half her original urban sound with Latin flavour and half party pop songs. What I do know for sure is, I AM READY.