In no order….

Wrecking Ball (2012)


Springsteen’s seventeenth studio album Wrecking Ball came to a surprise to me since I pretty much instantly like every song on the record on first play. With low expectations, the album surpassed what I thought it was going to sound like and became one of my favourite records of 2012. I attended the Wrecking Ball tour and enjoyed the show very much which I obviously expected to. The boss is still on the top of game still decades later. Wrecking Ball is the only album from the 00’s to make my top 5 favourites.

Best album track: Easy Money

Best single released: Death To My Hometown

Born To Run (1975)


1975, the year Bruce became a household name in the States with his legendary Born To Run album. This album brought himself into the mainstream with the album being a huge commercial success and received critical acclaim. The album is so highly praised, it is ranked the 18th ‘Greatest Albums Of All Time’ in Rolling Stone’s 2003 list. Born To Run is known for being a fan favourite and when I saw him live on his latest Wrecking Ball Tour he performed the album in full in dedication to actor James Gandolfini, who died of a heart attack the previous day.

Best album track: Night

Best single released: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

The River (1980)


His first album of the 80’s, The River was another worldwide success for Springsteen. Each album he had released at this point has reached such critical acclaim, he couldn’t have wished for anything better. The album is also ranked on Rolling Stone’s ‘Greatest Albums Of All Time’ at number 253. According to Bruce’s manager Jon Landau, they are working on a deluxe box set re-issue for the album that might come out this year in 2014. The album sure deserves it.

Best album track: Two Hearts

Best single released: Hungry Heart

Tunnel Of Love (1987)


The eighth studio album from Bruce and personally I feel this is one of his most underrated ever. Tunnel Of Love was another worldwide commercial success with Bruce also touring in stadiums in support of the album but for some reason the album seems to be really overlooked. The album is full of personal songs, some about his break up with his first wife. The album is slightly dark with tracks about struggles in his life. The album will always be one of my personal favourites because there is something quite mysterious and different about it compared to his others. It’s not talked about much which makes it some what a gem of a record. And no surprise again, the album made it on one of Rolling Stone’s lists where it was ranked at number 475 on their ‘500 Greatest Albums Of All Time’

Best album track: All That Heaven Will Allow

Best single released: Tunnel of Love

Born in the U.S.A. (1984)


Born in the U.S.A. was such a commercial peak for Bruce. The album was a worldwide success becoming his best selling album with sales of 30 million and produced a record-tying achievement of 7 top 10 hits on the US Billboard singles chart tied with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and Janet Jackson’s ‘Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814’. The album officially made Bruce a household name everywhere and contains some of his signature hits like the album’s title track and Dancing In The Dark. Even though this is an obvious choice for a favourite, you can’t deny that this is one brilliant 80’s album. With Born To Run, it’s album cover is very recognisable and iconic. Not only his most successful album, but also his most successful and longest tour took place to support this record. Stadiums, arenas and fields were played in 1984 and 1985 where he played a total of 156 sold out shows.

Best album track: Working On The Highway

Best single released: Dancing In The Dark