On the morning of Friday 21st March 2014, I woke up to news of Kate Bush touring for the first time in 35 years. I and pretty much everyone else thought we’d never see the day. The last time Kate toured was for her show ‘The Tour of Life’ in 1979 and I wasn’t even born and ever since becoming a fan she has been on the top of my live wishlist.

Kate will play 22 shows at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo throughout August, September and will finish at the beginning October. Tickets for the tour titled ‘Before The Dawn’ went on sale Friday 28th March and all dates sold out in less than 15 minutes.

Myself and many other Kate fans were worried sick of not having a chance of getting tickets. I was lucky enough to have a code to her exclusive pre-sale for her fans who signed up to her newsletter that went on sale on the Wednesday, two days before the general sale. When it came to Wednesday I somehow magically managed to get two tickets for a show in September. Even better, seats in the first six rows!!!

I was and still am gobsmacked and super excited that I will be seeing the British legend and icon that is Catherine Bush. Every day I still can’t get over that this year in less than half a year I am going to go to one of the most anticipated tours ever.

Here are reasons why I cannot wait to see this show:

1. I am a big Kate fan

I first discovered Kate Bush when I was a young child since my mum had one of her albums on cassette. The first thing I realised about Kate was that she was an original talent. She was super unique and she sounded like no one else. Since being introduced to her, I have purchased all her albums on CD and a lot of them on vinyl. What I love about Kate’s music is that she makes you work a little harder when listening to her. She’s very mysterious. My Last.fm page that adds up all the plays from my iTunes tells me I have played Kate over 2,500 times over a couple of years. As the years have go on, my love for Kate continues to grow and she is one of my favourites.

2. First and potentially the last time I will ever see Kate live

When Kate first toured it was in 1979 and that was also her only tour announced, until now. Since I wasn’t born, I obviously did not attend any of the shows. The VHS recording of the tour felt like the closest I was ever going to ever witness Kate live. 35 years later she is going to undertake her second tour and I am forever shocked that I managed to get tickets. My theory is, surely this will be my only time I will ever see Kate in concert? It’s her second tour after 35 years, why would she then continue to do shows every other year? That’s not very Kate Bush. She is very open about admitting that she loves being in the studio making records and that, that is one reason why she hasn’t toured or performed live much at all. When being interviewed by Ken Bruce for Radio 2 in 2011 Kate said she had no plans to tour even though she found it fun, she just got “absorbed in the recording process and got more involved in that“.

3. So many songs unperformed 

Since ‘The Tour of Life’, Kate has released eight albums meaning there are hundreds of unperformed songs. In the 80’s, Kate did a few TV performances but they are now looked upon as very exclusive. When picking what songs to perform on her set list, I’m sure there will be a lot of debates on what songs to do. With such a big discovering of hit singles and fantastic album tracks, I’m really excited to see which songs are going to make the final cut. I will be grateful for any song performed but it will be surreal for me to see some of my favourite songs sung to me in person that I never thought I’d ever see live.

 4. Unforgettable experience 

For me and every other attendee, I know that this is going to be an unforgettable concert for everyone lucky enough to have a ticket. With it being such an anticipated tour for so many years, Kate is going to make a lot of people’s dreams come true. With all the shows being in London, a lot of people are travelling across the UK to make it to a show. Not only across the country but from one country to another. Fans from around the world are planning a trip to the UK so they can be part of this unique experience they have wished for, for so long.