From the past two years we have seen 12 pop acts and one supergroup re-unite for ITV2‘s The Big Reunion. The show allows us to see our favourite pop bands from the 90’s and early 00’s re-unite, tell their story and perform on stage in the first time in years (or so some pretend it’s been years).

The first series that contained 5ive, 911, Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, Blue, Honeyz and Liberty X is what started the whole thing off. It all started as a reality show that will build up to a one off gig that then ended up being one of ITV2’s biggest shows in years with over 1 million weekly viewers and a nationwide sold out arena tour happened across the UK & Ireland.

After a popular first series, a second series happened this year. This time A1, 3T, Eternal, Damage, Girl Thing and a supergroup made of Adam Rickitt, Dane Bowers, Gareth Gates, Kavana and Kenzie were part of it. The second series went well. Not as popular as the first but good enough. The same format followed, the bands told their stories and then we saw them in rehearsals building up to the one off gig. A nationwide arena tour was announced again but this time it only contains the boybands from the first and second series.

Since the show has been such a success, a number of other bands have reunited without the show and toured the UK like All Saints and M People. Another band who have re-united because of the show are Big Brovaz who plan to do a tour according to their Twitter.

Last Thursday, the final episode of series two was the one off gig of all series two bands together that we had been all waiting to see. Unfortunately this series wasn’t as exciting as the first but still, I’m going to miss watching the show on a weekly basis which makes me wonder, will there be a third series? You would think all the best bands would have been chosen for the show already but in fact, there are a lot of worthy bands that haven’t taken part.

Facebook fan page on series 3:

Here are six bands that would make a brilliant third series and isn’t out of their reach:



Golden sisters Cleopatra burst onto the scene in 1998 with their debut single Comin’ Atcha which was a top 3 success. They carried on the success with two more top 4 singles Life Ain’t Easy and their cover of I Want You Back. The girls debut album was a top 20 success in the UK and they were signed to Madonna‘s label in the US and sold over 300,000 copies of the album over there. From supporting The Spice Girls, gaining BRIT and MOBO award nominations to being Covergirls in the States, the girls had everything going for them in the late 90’s. The girls second album failed to make much of an impact with the singles and they parted their ways with their label and have never released new material since.

Even though the girls may be sisters and aren’t really reuniting with themselves, they will be to a lot of loved fans back in the day. They will have an interesting story to tell because of what happened within their label and the second album that never got released.



Pop R&B boys MN8 became household names at the time in 1995 when their debut single I’ve Got A Little Something For You debuted in the top 10 and ended up peaking at number two. The single was a smash all around Europe and Australia and ended up going Silver in the UK and France. The band toured alongside huge names like Janet JacksonSpice Girls, Madonna, Celine Dion, Robbie Williams, Boyzone, East 17, Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin. The singles carried on having success with If You Only Let Me In and Happy also peaking in the top 10. The boys ended up releasing two albums before parting ways with their record label because they’re deal had expired. Since the late 90’s, the band haven’t reunited.

In 2009, MN8 were referenced in the media in relation to upcoming boyband JLS. “There hasn’t been a British R&B boy band of any note since MN8”, wrote Simon Price. “Another Level and Blue achieved maximum exposure with a low-level interracial mix, but MN8, the last all-black British boy band, dipped at the crucial pop moment where success turns to phenomenon”, Paul Flynn stated.



Danish-Norwegian pop group Aqua had huge worldwide success in the late 90’s with hits like Barbie GirlDoctor Jones and Turn Back Time that went number one all over the globe. Three number 1’s and total of seven top 30 hits in the UK, Aqua are pure nostalgia. Aquarium, their debut album sold 14 million copies worldwide going 3x Platinum in the US, Platinum in the UK and Diamond in Canada. Their second album Aquarius was another worldwide hit with it selling 4 million copies around the world.

The band have since reunited in their Denmark with a new studio album but have not been back to the UK to release new music or tour therefore fans have waited a long time for a comeback here and this is the perfect platform for them.



Dutch eurodance/pop group Vengaboys had huge hits across Europe in 1998 and 1999. Up and Down, We Like To Party, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom and We’re Going To Ibiza were such mammoth hits in the 90’s with them all going Gold in the UK. Their debut album The Party Album! went on to go Multi-Platinum all over the world which made them one of the biggest late 90’s pop groups. Their second album The Platinum Album was another worldwide success and is still their final album to date. With a total of eight top 20 singles, seven top 10s and two number 1s, the Vengaboys are still memorable today.

The band have tried various reunions in the past and have recently got back together but only within their homeland, the Netherlands and playing small festivals. The band are yet to headline their own UK shows and release new music here. The Big Reunion will be a perfect start for them to reunite with the UK fans and tour properly because it has been a long time since they have.



Urban/garage girls Mis-Teeq, had hit after hit in the early 00’s. Their debut Platinum album Lickin’ On Both Sides, contained five top ten singles; Why?All I WantOne Night StandB With Me and Roll On/This Is How We Do It. Their second album in 2003 Eye Candy was another top 10 success which went on to go Gold. The girls scored themselves another two top 10 singles; Scandalous and Can’t Get It Back and then their final single Style was a top 20. In 2005, the girls announced they would be splitting to pursue solo careers. In total Mis-Teeq had a total of seven consecutive top 10 singles, two top 10 albums, MOBO awards and Brit nominations. The girls split on their peak and have yet to reunite.

The girls have said that they will reunite, but at a time when they feel it is right. Even though I don’t know if now if the time for them and if The Big Reunion is a platform they want to use, but you have to admit – Mis-Teeq would be epic on this show.

The 411


The 411, a female R&B group who named themselves after Mary J. Blige‘s What’s The 411? album formed in late 2003. The girls debut single got them off to a great start. On My Knees featuring Ghostface Killah peaked in the top 4 in the UK and top 30 in various countries in Europe. The girls second single Dumb went top 3 and again top 30 across other countries in Europe. When it came down to their third single Teardrops, it unfortunately only peaked at number 23 in the UK which led their debut album Between The Sheets to only peak at 46 with poor promotion. The girls were dropped from their label and have yet to release music under The 411 since.

The girls have tried individually to carry on perusing music as either a solo act or forming another band with some of the same members but nothing has come out of this. The girls are a perfect example of a band who had a lot of promise and started off well but then lost it all really quick. They would have an amazing story to share on the show and it would be nice to see them tour the UK with the other bands because they probably didn’t have time to really appreciate everything in such a short space of time back in the day.