A Perfect Contradiction is the third offering from UK artist Paloma Faith. Released a week ago in the UK, last night it debuted at #2 on the UK Top 200 albums chart being beaten to the top spot by Elbow’s The Taking and Landing of Everything which also debuted in the chart. The album also went on to become a top 10 in Ireland debuting at #8 and also #22 in Australia.

The lead single from the album Can’t Rely On You released 23rd February went on to become Faith’s second top 10 single in the UK peaking at #10 and it has also become a hit across Europe.


The album starts of with it’s well known hit Can’t Rely On You which within about 5 seconds you will be able recognise who produced it and what song it sounds like from last year. Of course I’m talking about Pharrell Williams and his monster hit he produced and featured on with Robin Thicke titled Blurred Lines. Now, even though it might be a very similar production – it’s a much better version of the track. Paloma’s feisty lyrics and voice bring much more power and meaning unlike Blurred Lines which just seemed repetitive for no reason.

With each Paloma record released, she has developed and re-invented her sound but kept that quirky Paloma vibe. Her debut was fun, poppy and an introduction to Paloma’s crazy personality, the second was much more heartfelt with more serious ballads and story telling lyrics and this third one is for sure a 70’s/80’s influenced pop record. From track 1 on-wards, Paloma is taking us back to when Disco and Motown was at its peak.

Only Love Can Hurt Like This is SO Motown. It sounds like something Amy Winehouse could have released as a comeback single if she were still hear to release music. The vocals and production blend so well together which makes it a beautiful track.

Every song on the album flows so well making the record very consistent. Stand out tracks like Mouth To Mouth and Take Me have very radio friendly chorus’ that have a commercial edge to them. Trouble With My Baby is the female equivalent to Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby, it just makes you want to dance and lose control every time you hear it.

Impossible Heart is the most disco song on the record. It’s very simplistic and not a party starter but has a very good melody and flow.

The last few tracks are more slow numbers where Paloma end’s the album on It’s The Not Knowing which slightly ends the whole record on a sad moment.

It seems that from now on Paloma is going to continue to tell us what has been going on in her life over the past few years she’s been away. Even though this record came quite soon after her previous, she has grown as an artist once again proving she isn’t a one trick pony. Her biggest hits to date seem to be more pop soul ballads (New York, Picking Up The Pieces, Never Tear Us Apart) but with this era she has proved us wrong with Can’t Rely On You as her lead single and then an album following which a huge mix of pop songs and influence. Paloma is the real deal and I think she is going to keep re-inventing herself until she doesn’t want to do this no more. I have a feeling she is going to be doing music for a long time and she is just getting started.

Key tracks: Can’t Rely On You, Mouth To Mouth, Only Love Can Hurt Like This, Trouble With My Baby

Album rating: 7/10