So as some of you may know, Prince and 3rdEyeGirl are in London at the moment doing intimate shows to promote their new music. The tour named ‘Hit and Run’ started roughly a week ago when they did a couple of shows at the Electric Ballroom in Brixton which holds roughly 1,000 people.

Now, even though seeing Prince in such a intimate setting is something fans would die for, the problem is he is just announcing shows on the day meaning fans have to queue in the wind, cold and rain all day to get tickets and some may not even be guaranteed a ticket.

Yesterday afternoon I finished work at 4.15pm, looked online to see if any more dates had been confirmed and I saw on a Prince forum that he was doing a show at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire which holds 2,000 people. I saw someone online saying at about 5.30pm that they were roughly the 680th person in Line. I live one hour away from London and I took a risk and rushed to the venue as quick as I could.

I saw Shepherds Bush had tweeted tickets were £70 on the door which was £60 more than his Electric Ballroom shows which were only a tenner. As soon as I got out of Shepherds Bush train station, I ran to the venue and joined the end of the queue. The doors had been open 30 minutes by the time I got there. Five minutes of being in the queue I was numbered in line. Number 1312. This was the moment I found out I was going to see Prince. Exciting times. I also found out tickets were actually £10 and not £70. Rumour has it, they said that to put people off going which I’m glad worked.

So I finally get to the box office, buy two tickets, run into the venue, it’s just gone 8pm – PRINCE IS ON STAGE.


From there on-wards I was in Prince heaven.

This was the first time I had ever seen him live and I have wanted to for many years.

The setlist was varied and really impressive. I have heard various times from people that Prince rarely plays hit songs and more his new ‘unknown’ stuff but it was a great mix.

The full setlist can be found here.

As you can see a total of 39 different songs played. Obviously some were in medleys and what not but WOW. He did a nearly a 3 hour set list and about 6 encores. The crowd for sure would have been there till the morning after if Prince had carried on, trust me!

And it was all for £10!


Photo above: My ticket stub. Ticket price says £70 was really a tenner. Priceless!

Prince himself made a speech about how he put the ticket prices so cheap because that’s how much he used to pay to watch people play when he was younger which I really respect because let’s face it, if tickets were £70 – fans still wouldn’t have complained. Pop musicians like Justin Timberlake charge over £100 for nosebleed seats and they are nowhere near on the levels of Prince.

My absolute highlights: 

– Being in the same room as Prince

– The medley of big hits including; When Doves Cry, Sign ‘O’ the Times, Housesquake, I Would Die 4 U, Hot Thing, etc

– His performance of ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me’ because I forgot about that song for a split second

– His performance of Screwdriver

– Him playing the fuck out of his guitar. He sure loves his guitar

The venue or maybe Prince were strict on photo’s and videos. Strictly no photo’s or video’s allowed. The rules restricted you from having your phone out even when Prince wasn’t on stage before he did another encore. It would have obviously been nice to have taken a few photo’s of Prince and his band 3rdEyeGirl but sometimes gigs can be ruined by people filming the whole thing because it then lacks energy from the crowd.

Anyways to end this ‘review’, this is a night I will NOT forget. The last minute trip up to London was more than worth it and was a very unique special experience.

An 11/10 if not more rating.