Hi world, it’s that time again where I countdown my most played artists and songs of this year.

All plays are counted from my last.fm page which is calculated and added from iTunes and iPod plays which is how I listen to most of my music 90% of the time.

If you want to see my top 20 list from last year click here.

Key symbols:

– down from last year

– up from last year

* – new entry

Let’s start this countdown…

25. Eminem – 560 plays *

24. Gloria Estefan – 563 plays *

23. Bruce Springsteen – 572 plays 

22. Texas – 585 plays *

21. HAIM – 648 plays *

20. Paramore – 649 plays *

19. Bjork – 653 plays *

18. Robbie Williams – 661 plays *

17. Kanye West – 685 plays *

16. Liberty X – 695 plays *

15. Lana Del Rey – 716 plays 

14. No Doubt – 720 plays 

13. Eternal – 726 plays *

12. Fleetwood Mac – 736 plays *

11. Lily Allen – 737 plays *

10. Sugababes – 744 plays *


A new entry on the whole chart and straight in the top 10, it looks like I’ve been listening to the Sugababes quite a bit this year. It clearly has to do with the original line up reforming under the name ‘Mutya Keisha Siobhan’ who I saw twice live this year and me reminiscing on old school Sugababes – mainly the first two line ups. With the lack of decent current girl bands its not surprising that Sugababes are my current most played girl band. With timeless hits like Freak Like Me, I will be playing the ‘babes for a long time.

09. P!nk – 811 plays 


Up 11 places from last year which isn’t surprising. Since P!nk released a new album late last year and she delivered my favourite concert of 2013, I was obviously going to have her on repeat for some time.

08. AlunaGeorge – 833 plays *


Along with HAIM, AlunaGeorge are my favourite breakthrough acts of 2013. Body Music, their debut album was one of my favourites this year. It was 90’s garage, soul, R&B and electronic all into one.

07. Five – 897 plays *


There’s always gotta be a guilty pleasure, right? I have wanted to re-unite for YEARS and finally they did for ITV2’s The Big Reunion. They returned as a four piece which made the name a little confusing but nevertheless, the nostalgia from my childhood came flooding back because the four bad boys were back.

06. Honeyz – 920 plays *


2013 was a 90’s year for me for sure. All the pop reunions made me go nostalgic crazy. R&B girl band the Honeyz reminded me how real R&B sounded in 1998.

05. Beyonce – 1027 plays 


What hasn’t this woman done this year?!! SuperBowl half time performance, sold out world tour, Pepsi and H&M commercials, visual art album going to #1 globally – this year has been the year of Beyonce without doubt and I’m sure 2014 will be her year too. Her ongoing success is to be continued…

04. Jennifer Lopez – 1220 plays 


From #18 to #4 on my chart, obviously J.Lo just clicked with me more than ever this year. I saw her another two times live and was a class act as per usual, and also she released a new single Live It Up which is to be released from her new album coming next year.

03. David Bowie – 1628 plays 


2013, the return of Bowie. New album and a nationwide live movie was just a small reason why I continue to have high plays for the legend. His ever so huge discography continues to amaze me with new things I seem to enjoy and learn about his music. I also saw his V&A exhibition and it was A-MAZING. Read my blog post on it here.

02. Janet Jackson – 1892 plays 


For my past two end of year countdowns, Janet has been #1 on both lists and this time she slips slightly to #2. Its probably to the lack of new music. We haven’t received a new studio album from her since 2008 and a new single since 2010. I still love Janet to death therefore I play her music massively throughout the years regardless of new music. 2014 seems to be the rumour of new music FINALLY.

01. Madonna – 1998 plays 


Last years #2 to now this years #1. I don’t know what else to say other than Madonna has a huge back catalogue which I enjoy for all different reasons and moods. It’s timeless pop most enjoy and have grown up with.