Early this year we saw a new reality TV show named ‘The Big Reunion’ re-unite bands together and tour the UK. The series was one of ITV’s most successful shows, having over 1 million views per week.

The first series featured the likes of pop bands Five, 911, Blue, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten, B*Witched and Liberty X.

With the first series being so successful, they have decided to do a second series starting in 2014 and at midnight last night, the new set list of bands was relieved. But who are they??

The line up is…..



They are still the most successful R&B band to come out of the UK, and they’re ready to re-unite! The second line up without member Louise Redknap are doing the show. Back in the day they had multi platinum albums, many top 10 singles including a #1, Brit Award nominations and sold out tours. Are the band worth having on? For sure! They seem to be the most popular pick when people were asked who they wanted.

Out of ten, how much are they worth having? 10/10

Key singles: Stay, Just A Step From Heaven, Save Our Love, Oh Baby I, Power of a Women, I Wanna Be The Only One, Angel of Mine


English-Norwegian boy band A1 have been reunited in a couple of countries in Europe for a while now, but not the UK so this is their chance to have a crack at the top again. The second line up without member Paul Marazzi are doing the show where they will be reminding us of their top 10 singles, including two #1’s. The band won a Brit Award for best newcomers in the 90’s.

Out of ten, how much are they worth having? 7/10

Key singles: Take On Me, Same Old Brand New You, Caught In A Middle


R&B is slowly making a comeback and so are Damage. They have already reformed, doing shows every now and again. but it seems like they want the big exposure of the show for everyone to know their story and to take their comeback to another level. The band achieved 11 hit singles in total with 4 going top 10.

Out of ten, how much are they worth having? 5/10

Key singles: Forever, Wonderful Tonight, Ghetto Romance


American R&B trio 3T, (who are the the songs of Tito Jackson from The Jackson 5) seems to be a really random choice for the show. Although having a total of 4 top 10 hits including a top 2 duet with Michael Jackson, we’re not quite sure how much interest the band will have on the public.

Out of ten, how much are they worth having? 4/10

Key singles: Anything, Why, I Need You

Girl Thing

Remember them? probably not. Simon Cowell signed them and they were hailed as the next Spice Girls at the time. The band achieved one top 10 single, Last One Standing and a top 30 called Girls On Top but their self titled album release was cancelled in the UK but was released still in Australia, New Zealand, India and Japan. The real question is why did The Big Reunion even ask these girls to do the show? Talking about scrapping the barrel! Did no other pop bands want to do the show and they got desperate and needed to fill the numbers? Looks like it! Having one top 10 single doesn’t really cut it.

Out of ten, how much are they worth having? 2/10

Key singles: Last One Standing.

5th Story (Supergroup)

‘The new band, formed of solo artists Dane Bowers, Kenzie, Kavana, Gareth Gates and Adam Rickitt will see the members “bring unique insights into the fickle world of fame” according to the shows website. Looks like the show couldn’t get Another Level on board so Dane Bowers settled for this. Unfortunately this supergroup just sounds really bad and lame. I mean, would it not be better if they just got people like Kavana and Gareth Gates and some extra’s like Samantha Mumba to just reform as solo acts? Not much of a reunion but it already sounds much better than this!

Out of ten, how much are they worth having? 2/10

Key singles: Out Of Your Mind (Dane Bowers), Anyone Of Us (Gareth Gates), I Breathe Again (Adam Rickitt), I Can Make You Feel Good (Kavana)

So that’s the line up. Are you impressed? Were those your choices?

Personally I find this pretty weak minus Eternal and A1. Without them on this line up they may as well have cancelled the show. The first series had really successful acts with them having 5 top 10 singles each at the very least. It looks like you can be a one hit wonder and make it on this show now. Shame. Because I don’t see this becoming a massive sold out UK arena tour like it was this year and I don’t think there will be a 3rd series since all the other decent bands must have turned the opportunity down.

I will for sure be watching the series week by week and will probably see the show live but I don’t have much excitement as I did for this years line up when I found out last year who was taking part.

The ideal line up would have been: Eternal, A1, Another Level, Mis-Teeq, All Saints and S Club 7.

The question is, are All Saints going to do a Blue and come half way through the series to spice things up? We know they have reformed this year and are supporting the Backstreet Boys on their UK arena tour next year but time will tell.