Less than a month till 2014 and what a year its been!! 2013 has definitely been a very busy year for music with various pop bands re-uniting, pop superstars returning with new albums and nearly everyone announcing worldwide tours making us all skint. There has been a lot of controversy as per usual, but I’m sure you can think of the main ones for this year, right?

If the year flying by so quick and the excitement of Christmas has totally wiped your brain from what happened in 2013, fear not because I am here to remind you the most memorable moments in music this year.

David Bowie’s comeback

January 8th 2013, Bowie’s 66th birthday where he returned with a new single Where Are We Now? followed by a new studio album The Next Day in March. It was his first album in 10 years, with the record recorded in hiding and a surprise for us all. Bowie had been very low key for ages and hadn’t been seen very often at all over the years. The comeback was such a big deal the album was a success worldwide going #1 in the UK and #2 in the US. The album has received Grammy and Mercury Prize nominations.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance


The Super Bowl XLVII halftime show took place on February 3rd 2013 and this year Beyonce performed. Other performers from previous years includes Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, Madonna and many other stars. Bey’s performance was the second most watched Super Bowl performance in history behind Madonna’s performance the year before. Beyonce performed hit after hit until her time was up and made social media go mad and not only that, we got to see Destinys Child on stage together for the first time in ages. Her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour concert ticket sales go through the roof after that performance.

Jessie J shaves hair for charity


Jessie J way in advance told her fans she was going to shave her hair and raise money for charity but then it all went a bit quiet until March 2013 until she actually did it live on TV. The British singer didn’t shave just one side, she did it all and raised millions for Comic Relief. Since then Jessie has proudly rocked the shaved her hair look dying it various colours and hasn’t looked back since. She is currently starting to grow it back but the artwork for her new singles and album release is her rocking the bald look.

Justin Bieber hours late on stage for his own concert


Justin Bieber made headlines in March when he supposed to perform at his own concert in London at The O2 Arena and came on stage 2-3 hours late making fans very angry. Half of the crowd had to leave due to public transport, young kids having to go to school the next day and fans who didn’t want to wait any longer. Once Bieber hit the stage, fans weren’t impressed and boo’ed the teen singer. The concert made headlines that week all over the web and the UK news. That same month Justin made headlines again for swearing and shouting at a paparazzi for calling him names. He apparently said he will never be visiting the UK again because of the way he was treated. Only time will tell if that’s true beliebers.

Blurred Lines controversy


American singer Robin Thicke released his single Blurred Lines from the same titled album making the single a worldwide smash. The video and song has created a big stir over the year and was described as ‘the most controversial song of the decade’ and branded as a ‘rape song’. The video has two versions to it, an x-rated version and a clean edit. A university in London went one step further and banned the song. Even though the song might be getting a lot of award nominations and has sold millions of copies around the globe but that isn’t stopping people having their opinion on the song being demeaning towards women.

Miley’s twerking


Love her or hate her but don’t pretend you haven’t been talking about her this year. Miley released her album Bangerz this year with ‘We Can’t Stop’ being the first lead single. In the video we see Miley ‘twerk’ which had us all have an opinion on the matter. Now, twerking isn’t a new thing at all but the impact and talk the word had since Miley started doing it in her videos made us all believe it must be something never done and seen before.

Wrecking Ball music video


Miley had us talking with her twerking but she had us talking even more with her Wrecking Ball video for the next single release. In the video we see Miley completely naked swinging on the ball as she confidently near enough just hides her bits away from us. Not only that we see her licking a sledge hammer wondering what she really wants to be licking instead. The video had millions of views instantly online on YouTube and became another hit and headline for Miley. But did she stop there?

Miley and Robin Thicke MTV VMA performance


Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus weren’t done with the headlines they made already – they were ready to keep us talking. The MTV VMA’s took place in late August this year and Miley performed her hit We Can’t Stop with the performance going into Robin’s Blurred Lines with him joining her. Various things about the performance left us all shocked. Miley’s outfit which wasn’t flattering on her at all, the foam finger using it provocatively, her constant twerking over Thicke and the constant out of tune singing. Once again, the internet especially social media had a lot to say with Twitter accounts expressing their say on the performance. People were talking about it for weeks and still to this day remember it like it was yesterday.

Sam Bailey winning The UK X Factor


Being from the UK, The X Factor has been a big talk as per usual in the later half of the year. From the Sunday just been (15/12/13), Sam Bailey won the 10th series. Sam is the first winner in the over 25 category and became Sharon Osbourne’s first win on the show too. Sam had over 1 million votes during the weekend for her to win. Not only has she won the big music contract she is also going to be Beyonce’s support act on her UK leg of The Mrs. Carter Show Tour.

Beyonce’s surprise visual art album


So she started off the year performing at the 2013 Super Bowl half time show, announced her first world tour in 4 years and all that was missing was a new album. Fans waited and waited and honestly, I think we had all given up. On the 13th December, the wait was over – Beyonce had released a new studio album worldwide on iTunes, a self titled record which was a visual art album with every song having a music video as well as a few extra videos. The album went on to become #1 in 91 countries worldwide on iTunes within a couple of hours. The albums release was all in secret as well as the videos being made. Beyonce changed the game in late 2013 and I’m sure in 2014 a lot of artists will use this visual art concept in the future.