Nicole Scherzy, current UK X Factor judge, was part of the girl group the Pussycat Dolls and now a solo artist.

Here are five reasons why we love her…

1. We wish our girlfriend was as hot as her

Straight women would turn gay and gay men would turn straight for Nicole. And gay women and straight men already want her too.

She wasn’t lying in 2005 when she came on the scene with the Pussycat Dolls with this track:

Nicole is proving you can be curvaceous, beautiful and confident in your own skin and be the person you want to be. Her ongoing positive personality is what makes us feel even more attracted to her.

Can we say booty-licious?


2. Her amazing quotes

She has been winning the hearts of the nation for a couple of years on the X Factor UK shows with her amazing quotes and bubbly loving personality. It’s one thing to be insanely beautiful but to actually have a personality where we want to be best friends with her is a special thing to have.


Nicole every weekend has us smiling and laughing with her. She doesn’t take the show too seriously all the time which is the right attitude to have. Why be so serious on a Saturday night?

She seems to have a special talent of putting her made up work ‘sch’ in front of everything. Whether its sch-mazing or sch-maze-balls, we all love a Nicole quote.

Some of her best quotes from the show:

  • No Baby No
  • Two words honey, li-ving *snaps finger twice*
  • He doesn’t have the X Factor… he has the X, Y, Z factor
  • May-jar!
  • But-cheeks
  • Sch-mazing
  • Sch-mazingness
  • Sch-maze-balls

3. Hair Porn

So we’ve established that shes beautiful with a personality that makes us all want to be best friends with her talking in Nicole’s language all the time, but she also has SCHMAZING hair.

Its a girls dream to have beautiful hair and a guys to have a girlfriend with soft long hair to play with. Whats so great about her hair is that its 100% natural. Its no weave, maybe some extensions every now and again, but it is hers more or less.

Straight, curly, wavy, short, long – it all works for her!

Lets reflect on some of her great hair moments:


4. Entertainer

So she’s hot, we want to be best friends with her, oh and she has such amazing hair. Anything else? Yep, dis bitch can ENTERTAIN.

Nicole knows how to put on a show which she has shown several times with the Pussycat Dolls and as a solo artist.

Lets reflect on some of her very best performances:

5. She can SANG

She’s not just a pretty girl who can dance and whip her hair really well with a mediocre voice – she can REALLY sing.

Growing up she admired musicians like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and has used those artists as great inspiration.

One of Nicole’s very best vocal performances: