British singer Dido has been releasing music in the industry for over 10 years now. In total she has released 4 studio albums selling over 40 million records worldwide, winning 4 Brit Awards and her two first albums No Angel which sold 21 million and Life for Rent which sold 13 million are among the best selling albums lists.

In 2013 Dido released her first Greatest Hits compilation on November 25 2013. The album has 17 released singles and one brand new single named NYC.

The album includes her huge collaboration with Eminem which made her a worldwide household name to signature singles like Hunter, Thank You and White Flag.

In total Dido has had 7 top 40 singles in the UK with 4 of them going top 10.


Track by track review.

1. Here With Me

Dido’s first ever single starts of the Greatest Hits collection. Her voice stills sounds as good as it ever did on it. It has a raw yet soft tone to it at the same time. The song is very British with a chilled relaxing production. 9/10

2. Thank You

The nostalgia really kicks in on this one. Her soft vocals and tone really chill and calm you down. This is one of her best singles to date and it has aged tremendously well. Dido owned the early 2000’s. 9/10

3. Hunter

One of her most memorable singles. The songwriting on this one really stands out and the production is very British once again. The whole No Angel album was produced and made so well that all the tracks flowed very well together. 8/10

4. White Flag

Her most well known single without a doubt. At the time of its release in 2004 I enjoyed this track but as time has gone on I find it a little overplayed and some what cheesy. Maybe its because the song everyone asociates her with but I don’t think is her best single by any means. 5/10

5. Life for Rent

One of my favourite singles from the second album and it became her last top 10 single in the UK. Life for Rent is what White Flag lacks in my opinion. 7/10

6. Don’t Leave Home

Dido gets a little dark on this track talking about drugs. The overall second album Life for Rent was a little bland for my liking compared to the first but this song was very interesting and should have been a bigger hit. 8/10

7. Sand In My Shoes

Even this came out 3 years before Lily Allen but her voice is quite Lily looking back on this. The production of the track is one of her best making it a really interesting pop slow dance track and the lyrics are very warm. 7/10

8. Don’t Believe In Love

Dido took a few years out of the business when she came back with this single. It wasn’t necessarily the best lead single to start the album campaign but I still love the track. She reminded those who forgot about her that she can still deliver those soft chilled out tracks. 8/10

 9. Quiet Times

A very personal song from Dido and you feel that as soon as the first line is delivered. One of her best songs from her career. The instrumental that slightly repeats itself throughout the whole song which makes you feel the sad emotion she is feeling even more. 9/10

10. Grafton Street

A beautiful track that ends perfectly with a flute playing for the last minute which gives the song more passion and emotion. 7/10

11. Everything to Lose

She released this one for the Sex in the City movie soundtrack and this is the first time I have heard it. I LOVE the production on it. Its very current and fun, which sounds like it could have been produced by Faithless. I am very impressed. 8/10

12. Let Us Move On

Dido released her 4th studio album in early 2013 and this was the first song we heard. I love everything about it. The lyrics, the flow of the whole track, I love that it has Kendrick Lamar featuring on it too. The song altogether fits well and makes sense. 9/10

13. No Freedom

A very simple song. Its nice but shouldn’t have been the proper worldwide lead single because it can mistake the album for being boring which it really wasn’t. 6/10

14. End of Night

Should have been a much bigger single with better promotion, its really radio friendly. She has really mastered the electronic sound on this specific song. 8/10

15. One Step Too Far

A really magic dance track she did with Faithless on one of their albums. This is another song that should have been a bigger hit, it still sounds great in 2013. 8/10

16. Stan

The most well known collaboration she’s done with one of the most famous musicians of all time, Eminem. The song samples her track Thank You in the chorus which kind of made the original track more popular in the first place. In my opinion the track has been sampled to benefit the track and without Dido on it, it would be lacking everything. This is one of my favourite features ever. 10/10

17. If I Rise

Another song for a movie soundtrack, this one being for 127 hours. The song is with A.R Rahman. Like Everything To Lose, this is the first time I’ve heard the song. The track has it moments but overall its not doing much to me. The production gets better over time which makes the song more interesting but it’s not a highlight of the compilation. 5/10

18. NYC

So the Greatest Hits ends with a brand new single NYC. It sounds like an outtake from her record released earlier this year Girl That Got Away, but a GOOD outtake. The song has potential to really grow on me. The beat is really funky in places and sounds a lot different to her other singles. 7/10

Overall album rating: 7/10

A Greatest Hits from Dido in 2013 was a good time for it to be released. Dido, who dominated the charts with her first two albums slightly didn’t come back as strong in 2008 with her album Safe Trip Home. The album was really good but the lack of promotion and radio play made the era a little forgettable. It’s not that I think people aren’t interested in Dido anymore, I just think her label don’t know how to market her anymore since the industry has changed over time. The compilation has all the hits the album needs and more and its a good way to remind people how many great songs she has released over a 10 year period.