2010 X Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson released her debut album Heaven in 2011. The album opened up with sales of a huge 128,458 copies debuting and peaking at #3 becoming the highest sales for a top 3 album in 2011 and was the second fastest selling album of that year only having been out for less than a month. The album went on to go double platinum in the UK and platinum in Ireland.

In 2013 Rebecca is back to release her second studio album named Freedom released December 2nd.

The first single I Hope has been released where she performed it on The UK X Factor live shows.

The new album includes her first ever collaboration on one of her studio albums with John Legend called Bridges.

On 17 October, Ferguson released the album artwork. The cover depicts Ferguson wearing a red gown giving her a 70s look. Mike Wass of Idolator wrote that the cover is “exquisite and she’s raising glamour to previously unimagined heights by channeling Diana Ross on the cover.”


Track by track review

1. I Hope

Such beautiful vocals with great power. The album is started with the lead single and I say it was a great choice. The song is slightly similar to Adele’s Rolling In The Deep but she has made this track her own but the production is just a little similar. 9/10

2. Fake Smile

Strong beautiful vocals once again. I like the little acapella parts at the beginning and in the middle and the band in the background give the song that extra little touch. I can imagine this one being a great number live. 7/10

3. Bridges

Her first collaboration on one of her albums, and its with US R&B star John Legend. The song is love song ballad where both vocals blend really well together. The song shows how much potential Rebecca has and how much more she can offer us in the future. The piano track pulls the heartstrings. 8/10

4. My Best

Such a fun pop soul track. Rebecca is really good at emoting her voice to the particular beat. After three slower numbers, this song comes to a little surprise because she reminds us she can do upbeat really well. A highlight of the record. 9/10

5. All That I’ve Got

Rebecca was made for this soul pop music, her voice is perfect for it and she clearly knows what she does best. This track is very single worthy. 9/10

6. Hanging On

Hanging On has that slight old school Motown feel to it that you could imagine The Supremes doing years ago in a more soul version. The chorus is very catchy and uplifting. 7/10

7. My Freedom

We get feisty Rebecca on this one. Her energy and voice makes us believe every word she is singing. The production on it is really great too. 9/10

8. Beautiful Design

Such a uplifting song with such a positive vibe throughout. Rebecca is knows exactly how to let her emotion out and make everyone believe it with her. 8/10

9. Wonderful World

The song I like the least but still not bad by any means. It just feels like an old song I’ve heard before. 7/10

10. We’ll Be Fine

This screams a single. Its so current with an amazing production. Rebecca stood out of her comfort zone on this one and took a risk. 9/10

11. I Choose You

Her vocals are slightly Corinne Bailey Rae on this one when the song started. The choruses are repetitive in a good way because her vocals are really soft throughout. 8/10

12. Freedom

The whole song is perfection. The lyrics, the vocals, the production and the acapella bit at the end gives it that extra touch to end the album so softly. 9/10

Overall album rating: 9/10

Wow is all I can say. I was very impressed with Rebecca’s first album therefore I was cautious to hear what her second one would sound like and if she could evolve and progress. And she sure has. I really believe that Rebecca Ferguson has won the public over by not just being a X Factor runner up contestant, but as a real musician with a voice of her own. This album has no bad songs whatsoever and on the first play I am sold that this album is flawless and one of the best releases of 2013.