Christmas, with Love is the fourth studio and first Christmas album by British X Factor winner Leona Lewis.

Simon Cowell, her manager came up with the idea for her to record a Christmas album. The album was first released on 29th November 2013. The first single One More Sleep was released November 5th.

The album contains 7 covers of classics and 3 new songs written by Leona herself.

The sound of the record is very Motown inspired.

On 8th December Leona Lewis will promote the album and the first single by performing on the semi-finals live show on The UK X Factor.


Track by track review:

1. One More Sleep

Starting the album with the lead single which she wrote and its definitely what we need right now for new Christmas songs. Its Jolly and has that exciting countdown feel to it. It has that nostalgia as to when you were a child and you used to count down the days to when Christmas was finally here. 9/10

2. Winter Wonderland

I’m onto track 2 and I am already sold that Leona should make Christmas albums every year. Her voice is perfect for them. Love her cover of this, she hasn’t changed much of what the original sounds like yet given it her own twist. 9/10

3. White Christmas

She has made this her own, I don’t even recognise the original when I hear it which is exactly what I didn’t want to hear because so many people cover this particular track. Leona did a well done job on this. 8/10

4. Your Hallelujah 

Beautiful touching song. It could seriously bring a tear to someones eye. I’m only on track 4 and I’m really starting to stan for this album of Leona’s, I’m so impressed. 8/10

5. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

She’s making us even more excited for Christmas like we’re 10 years old all over again. I’ve never listened to a Christmas album and felt this excited. She is doing no wrong. 9/10

6. Mr Right

Romantic Christmas song at its best with such a festive beat. 8/10

7. O Holy Night

Instrumental kind of sounds like Hallelujah which makes me like it more in the first place. Its as if they’ve got her singing O Holy Night over the actual instrumental of the song. 8/10

8. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

The only song I’m not crazy on. It’s not that I don’t like Leona singing it, its just that I’m just kind of sick of hearing this song every year. 6/10

9. Ave Maria

Her vocals on this are out of this world, they are literally like you have never heard her before. I didn’t even know Leona could sing this this!! I can imagine watching this one live and it giving everyone chills. 8/10

10. Silent Night

Leona ends her surprisingly wonderful Christmas album with an almost acapella version of Silent Night which really showcase her vocals very well. 8/10

Overall album rating: 9/10

I am so surprised and amazed at how much I enjoyed this album. I reviewed this on the first time ever hearing the album and I can honestly say that this record is the best Christmas album I have heard to date. Leona using Motown as inspiration really helped her create and re-work sounds of new and classic hits. This album is every Mary J. Blige’s Christmas album released this year isn’t. (Read our review here) The songs that are new tracks written by Lewis are all deserving hits and should all eventually be released at some point over the next Christmas years.

I have never been a big fan of Leona and have only really appreciated one of her albums, her last named Glassheart which was a commercial flop compared to the success of her first two but I can honestly say that I am now a fan of Leona Lewis because of this current record. She has won me over that she can portray personality in her songs and that she isn’t just a boring ballad singer and not much else. Kudo’s to you Leona.