Britney Spears is back with her 8th studio album, her first since 2011’s Femme Fatale.

The album has been released on her birthday today in the UK (December 2nd) and we thought it was a perfect time to review the album.

The record sees guest vocals from Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn, T.I., and Britney Jean has been described as a concept album about “the loneliness of pop life”

The album is by RCA Records. Her first studio album since the dissolution of her long-time record label, Jive Records, in 2011.

So far there has been two singles released from the album. Work Bitch and Perfume.

Every song on the record has Britney credited as a writer on the tracks along with other writer’s.


Track by track review

1. Alien

The William Orbit produced Alien starts the album with a very personal message about being alone. The chorus is a little repetitive but the hook does stay inside your head like well written pop songs are supposed to do. The song sure starts the album off with a little dark feeling to it wondering how personal Britney is going to get. 8/10

2. Work Bitch

This one is for the clubs without doubt. Britney demands you to work hard for confidence and success by working for it. You can tell that has produced some of the track with his signature production sound. Not the strongest lead single to release but everyone was talking about it, so that’s a good thing in music. 8/10

3. Perfume

The first Britney ballad as a single since Everytime. Britney wrote the song with Sia, someone who has been writing many big pop records recently for the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora. The ballad is no Everytime or Born To Make You Happy but it has potential. 5/10

4. It Should Be Easy

The first collaboration on the album and its with her fellow friend As soon as the song starts you can tell its a stereotypical Britney and track. It has been written and produced by both himself and David Guetta which you can easily tell. The vocals are over auto tuned for no reason. It doesn’t add anything to the song and its very generic. Filler. Its no Big Fat Bass or Scream & Shout i’m afraid. 4/10

5. Tik Tik Boom

Collaboration #2 and its with T.I. The chorus is very Birthday Cake by Rihanna where she continuously says the word ‘cake’ but in this case its the word ‘tik’ being repeated. The highlight of the song is T.I.’s verse. The flow of the beat of his part seems to go really well with his rap. 5/10

6. Body Ache 

This is where the album starts to get a little better. Body Ache is a really fun club pop track which has some production from and David Guetta again but on this one it works well. This track sounds like a future hit. 8/10

7. Til It’s Gone

This song sounds like ‘I Wanna Go’ from her last record but transformed into a club banger and that is not a bad thing at all. The production is really great but the songs seem to be a little similar to each other at this point. 7/10

8. Passenger 

Probably the best track on this record. The song has been produced completely different to most of the other tracks which makes it stand out alone for that reason. Her vocals on it reminds us why we love Britneys voice. This needs to become a single with a beautiful video. 9/10

9. Chillin’ With You

The last collaboration on the album and its with her sister Jamie Lynn. The track starts off as a chilled pop track then goes onto have a bit more beat after over a minute. Jamie Lynn’s vocals bring a freshness to the track and the production would be great as an instrumental but the lyrics are a little stupid with no meaning. 5/10

10. Don’t Cry

The whistle at the beginning seems to give that song that extra special touch. The song is the best ballad within the record. Its an album track but not single worthy. The lyrics have a personal message within them that the other tracks have lacked. 6/10

Deluxe edition tracks

11. Brighest Morning Star

The message to the song sounds like a continuous of the song ‘My Baby’ on her album Circus from 2008. Its a sweet track that clearly didn’t make the standard edition because it lacks that spark it needs. 5/10

12. Hold On Tight

Beautiful production for a beautiful track. This song could have easily replaced many from the standard edition. 8/10

13. Now That I Found You

An uplifting track which I feel should have been on the standard edition without any question. This song represents what the album was described as by Britney before it was released. The album lacked personal tracks like this. 8/10

14. Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)

I always feel that when a remix is put on a record its because they need to make up the numbers with another track. Like predicted this remix is nothing special and is not a huge change to the original version. Pointless to have it on here. 5/10

Overall album rating: 5/10

Unfortunately it feels that the title of this album is a bit of a gimmick. Overall I feel that Britney Jean is a messy record that they released to keep her name relevant while she tours Vegas for a couple of years. It feels that they went with calling the album Britney Jean because they didn’t know what to call it. I mean, they tried to give off they called it that because its her most personal record to date but the songs don’t open up about anything we haven’t heard from her before. And if she has opened up about something new on it then it wasn’t portrayed well. The album isn’t horrible, it just feels like they got a bunch of rejected pop tracks and gave them to Britney minus 5 songs out of the 13. The album has too many tracks produced by and David Guetta for my liking. They’re productions tend to not be very diverse and versatile therefore the tracks end up sounding the same. One of the reasons why Alien and Passenger stand out from the rest is because they have been produced by completely different producers which make the album feel a little more interesting. I still remain a Britney fan but this just isn’t her most memorable or best piece of work.