To celebrate the release of her new album ‘Britney Jean’ coming really soon as well as her Las Vegas residency we thought we would remind you why we all love Britney Jean Spears.

01. That school uniform in ‘Baby One More Time’

We all remember when Britney emerged in 1998 with her worldwide smash hit #1 ‘Baby One More Time’ but we also remember the video and that iconic school outfit.


That outfit has got to be the most popular fancy dress outfit for the 2000’s. School outfit with pigtails. All I can say is, a fancy dress party is nothing without someone going as Brit Brit.

02. Britney and Justin together

Not only did Britney do the whole school uniform thing, she also did Justin Timberlake (although she denied it at the time).

Britney and Justin were totally the best couple of the early 2000’s and make Justin and Selena look like a very low budget version.

Let’s not also forget they did the whole double denim thing at the red carpet:


03. She can whip hair and dance really well

A pop star is not a good pop star if they can’t whip hair fiercely and dance like Britney does. Forget being able to sing, this is far more important.

Britney puts Willow Smith to shame with her hair whipping:

And current pop stars still don’t dance as good as her:

04. Crossroads

So Britney isn’t an actress but she can act and has done. Really well too.

Crossroads, the film Britney starred in may have had bad reviews, but forget that! It was a massive success at the box office making over 61 million dollars worldwide. Impressive huh??

This was everyone’s favourite chick flick of that year.


05. MTV VMA queen

Britney is truly the MTV Video Music Awards queen. She’s won some of the awards, yeah but that’s not why. It’s those iconic legendary performance she has done for the award show.

One of my favourites, and most people’s favourite – the time she had the python around her neck and body while performing I’m A Slave 4 U in 2001. ICONIC.


The full performance below:

06. That kiss with Madonna

Oh my god. It was all everyone was talking about that year. That time Britney Spears kissed Madonna and made headlines worldwide!!

THE KISS. Most famous on screen kiss in my eyes.

(This is another MTV VMA moment but this deserves a point of its own)


In the middle of the medley they performed they decided to give us more than we bargained for. Apparently not planned but who cares, it made everyone’s day.

The full performance below:

07. Toxic

Britney has had MANY incredible music videos. Across the board she has managed to deliver one amazing videography but Toxic is just something else.

Even though its hard to pick that one video, if there’s a video that isn’t Baby One More Time that everyone remembers Britney for, its Toxic.

Whether you remember her being a hot air hostess, riding on the back of a motorbike with TYSON BECKFORD!! or the infamous scenes of her wearing nothing but diamonds rolling around the floor, Toxic music video has been stamped in your brain for the rest of your life. So fierce.


The full music video:

08. She’s performed with Michael Jackson!!


Yep thats right, Britney has performed with the one and only MICHAEL JACKSON. Not only that, she presented him an award. Pretty big deal for only being in the business for about 5 years at the time. She named the award herself “artist of the millennium” when saying her speech. How sweet.

The speech:

The performance:

09. Glee

Okay so Glee do certain dedications towards musicians but how many artists have been a part of their own? Well Britney was part of hers in 2011.

Britney is also the only artist to have two dedications on the show Glee. The second dedication being in 2012.

The Glee dedication performances were literally flawless. I am someone who doesn’t watch Glee but I did watch this episode and I was very impressed with the performances they gave.

One of the best performances they did:

10. Best selling female artist of the 21st century 

Well this isn’t much of a shocker is it? Britney is the best selling female of the 2000’s and the fifth best selling overall. She has sold over 100 million records and she became the best selling teenage musician before she turned 20 too. She is listed in the best selling artists worldwide and this is all because we all love Britney. We are forever rooting for the princess of pop.