So Kate Bush, we all love her. But for those who don’t, here are 5 reasons why you should.

05. She does everything on her own terms

Kate doesn’t bother with bullshit. She does what she wants. She will take 15 years to make an album if she wants to or maybe she won’t work on any music for 15 years. Even though originally she was on EMI, now she has her own record label and releases music independently which means she picks who she wants to work with.

04. The musicians that exist because of her

It would be a complete lie to say that Kate Bush isn’t a pioneer. So many female musicians from Florence Welch to Goldfrapp to Lily Allen have said that Bush has had an influence on them. However artists like Bjork, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey probably wouldn’t exist if Kate didn’t happen. Not only females but Kate has had such a big impact on males like Elton John and Muse.

03. Albums and songs have stood the test of time

Her debut #1 smash hit Wuthering Heights in 1978 is still as good as it was then. I’m confident to say that and I wasn’t even born then. Kate has such a unique way of writing records that when people try to copy they just fail and look stupid. Albums like The Kick Inside, Hounds of Love and The Sensual World are a few examples of amazingly produced and written albums. Kate is an original. Some say she even created pop music.

02. Pioneering use of hands free mic

You may have seen Britney Spears or Michael Jackson with hands free mics over there mouth on Top Of The Pops or something but Kate Bush was the first artist to ever use one. For her only tour in 1979 named ‘The Tour of Life’ her engineers rigged a wireless headset microphone using a wire clothes hanger, making her the first singer to use such a device on stage so she could sing and dance at the same time.

01. It’s all about the music with Kate.

Like stated in reason 3 Kate is an original and unique. You know when Kate has sold out when she releases a perfume or clothing line or something. So far at 55 she hasn’t. And she will never because she is all about releasing the best quality music she can. She isn’t interested in hit singles, number 1 albums, platinum records. Even though she has achieved all those, that’s just a bonus for her. Kate Bush is a genuine musician and one of the greatest musicians Britain will ever have and cherish.