Queen of Pop, Madonna has released 12 studio albums over 30 years and I can honestly say I enjoy every single one of them for different reasons. Madonna, the biggest selling female artist of all time, selling over 300 million records worldwide has continuously reinvented her image, changed her sound and pushed boundaries, which is why she is still at the top of her game in 2013.

I will be ranking her 12 studio albums from least favourite (not that I really have a least) to most favourite.

Here goes…

12. Madonna (1983)


Key tracks: Holiday, Borderline, Everybody, Lucky Star

11. Hard Candy (2008)


Key tracks: Miles Away, She’s Not Me, 4 Minues, Voices, Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You

10. Like A Virgin (1984)


Key tracks: Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Into The Groove, Over and Over, Dress You Up

09. Erotica (1992)


Key tracks: Erotica, Bad Girl, Fever, Bye Bye Baby, Words, Rain

08. Music (2000)


Key tracks: Music, Don’t Tell Me, American Pie, Impressive Instant, What It Feels Like For A Girl

07. American Life (2003)


Key tracks: American Life, Hollywood, Die Another Day, Nobody Knows Me, I’m So Stupid, Love Profusion

06. MDNA (2012)


Key tracks: Gang Bang, I’m Addicted, I Don’t Give A, Love Spent, Superstar, Beautiful Killer

 05. Confessions On A Dancefloor (2005)


Key tracks: Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together, I Love New York, Jump, How High, Push

04. Ray of Light (1998)


Key tracks: Frozen, Ray of Light, The Power of Good-Bye, Swim, Nothing Really Matters, Candy Perfume Girl

03. Like A Prayer (1989)


Key tracks: Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, Till Death Do Us Part, Keep It Together

02. True Blue (1986)


 Key tracks: Papa Don’t Preach, Open Your Heart, White Heat, Where’s The Party, True Blue, La Isla Bonita, Love Makes The World Go Round

01. Bedtime Stories (1994)


Key tracks: Survival, Secret, Inside of Me, Don’t Stop, Human Nature, Bedtime Story, Take a Bow