Pop Punk Canadian artist Avril Lavigne returns in 2013 with a self-titled album. The album was released on the 1st November 2013.

Avril Lavigne is the fifth studio album Avril has released.

The first single from the era ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’ was released in April 2013. The song is very care free and is about celebrating of being forever young. The song went onto have success with it going platinum in both the United States and Australia. The video features Avril back to her teen days. It shows Lavigne and her band performing at the school’s prom, and resembles to the music video for her 2002 single Complicated.

In August she released the 2nd single Rock n Roll which is another song with a care free vibe. In October she then released a ballad with her husband Chad Kroeger, lead singer from Nickelback called Let Me Go.

On the first day sales in Japan, Avril’s album sold over 13,800 non-digital copies. It debuted at number 2 in Japan selling 47,873 copies there during its first week. The album debuted at number 14 in the United Kingdom, selling 9,139 copies during its debut week and 44,000 copies in the US debuting at #5. The album was in the top 10 of over 50 countries on iTunes.


Track by track review:

  1. Rock n Roll – One of Avril’s catchiest songs. Its so fun and care free it really makes you forget all the tough times in life. Should have been a much bigger hit for her. 9/10
  2. Here’s To Never Growing Up – Another catchy number. Its the type of song you turn up when the radio comes on. This song is one way of feeling youthful, even if you’re not. 9/10
  3. 17 – Its good. Its catchy. But its not a highlight from the album. 7/10
  4. Bitchin’ Summer – Such a nostalgic feel to it. It should be a future single with a romantic video. The rap reminds me of ‘Nobody’s Fool’, a track from her debut album in 2002. 9/10
  5. Let Me Go – Beautiful ballad with her husband which isn’t much of a surprise because Avril sure has had some outstanding ballads in the past and this definitely adds to that. Its very ‘Under My Skin’ Avril which is her 2nd album which is a fan favourite along with her first. 8/10
  6. Give You What You Like – Its good. Its interesting to an extent. But for me, it doesn’t move me. Its a little boring. 5/10
  7. Bad Girl – When I heard Avril was working on a track with Marilyn Manson I was really interested to hear what it would sound like. The song has a lot of energy and a really cool beat throughout but I expected much much better. 6/10
  8. Hello Kitty – Avril like you’ve never heard her before! On first listen I honesty thought this was terrible but after its 3rd play the song was stuck in my head. Its daring, different and edgy. If this became a single it would have a mixed response for sure. 9/10
  9. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – Sounds like something from a teen Disney star. 7/10
  10. Slippin’ On Sunshine – Avril kind of struggles to sound mature on a lot of her songs which sometimes works and sometimes not. On this one it does. A more indie sound which has that summer vibe where you want to be at a beach party. 8/10
  11. Hello Heartache – Another track that gives me slight ‘Under My Skin’ vibes. The ‘la la lalala la’ parts complete the song. 7/10
  12. Falling Fast – Yet another beautiful ballad. Avril really knows to emote in her songs when she really wants to. 8/10
  13. Hush Hush – Of all the ballads on the album, this one doesn’t seem to connect to me the way the other two do, but still is beautifully sung. 6/10

Overall album rating: 6/10

Out of all five Avril albums, this is unfortunately my least favourite. It does contain some really good tracks but I only remember they’re really good when I listen to the album. The record doesn’t make me want to listen to it all the time like I do with other new records because this album is easy to forget. The songs don’t seem to make a full album with a particular sound like her other albums tend to do. Sadly this album is not memorable.