Matangi is the fourth album by British artist M.I.A. released on 1 November 2013 on her own label, N.E.E.T. recordings through Interscope.

The album was recorded between 2010 – 2013 and had been pushed back several times but the record was finally released worldwide this week.

The first single from the album released was Bad Girls in 2012. The song and its video received a great response. The video won Best Direction, and Best Cinematography at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. It was also nominated for Video of the Year but lost out to Rihanna’s “We Found Love”. It was nominated for a 2013 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.

“Bring the Noize” was released as the second single on 18 June 2013, followed by “Come Walk with Me” on 3 September and “Y.A.L.A.” on 22 October.


Track by track review:

  1. Karmageddon – You could call this the “intro” track. Shame it isn’t longer because its a really interesting track. 7/10
  2. Matangi – From 00.35 onwards I went straight back to 2008 M.I.A. on her Kala album when she did ‘BirdFlu’. This is a more crazy version of that for sure. 8/10
  3. Only 1 U – The craziness continues. The ‘ding ding ding’ is so effective, it feels like it is ringing right inside your head. 8/10
  4. Warriors – Crazy yet again. The songs have that special thing where they make your brain lose control. 7/10
  5. Come Walk With Me – Her most experimental and electronic track to date. The bit where she uses the 2008 ‘Bamboo Banga’ track of hers at the end is the highlight. M.I.A. COMING BACK WITH POWA POWA. 8/10
  6. aTENTion – This is where it goes a little down hill for me. This song is fun, but doesn’t do much to the album. 6/10
  7. Exodus – M.I.A.’s first of two collaborations with The Weeknd on this record. Both artists are unique and experimental with their sound and both prove they work really well together on this track. 8/10
  8. Bad Girls – One of her best songs to date. As soon as that beat kicks in you feel bad ass. The way she presents the lyrics “My chain hits my chest when I’m banging on the dashboard” is so effective – it makes you want to feel as cool as her. The video is on a whole different level too. 10/10
  9. Boom Skit – M.I.A. always delivers really decent or funny skits. This is both. Good job. 8/10
  10. Double Bubble Trouble – This is what “eargasm” is. The way is starts all reggae and then goes all crazy throughout. This one is CRAZY for the clubs. I ranked this a 10/10 before I even finished listening to it all. 10/10
  11. Y.A.L.A. – So we’ve had YOLO (You Only Live Once) and now we have YALA (You Always Live Again). M.I.A. is not to be taken so seriously all the time. 9/10
  12. Bring The Noize – What a banger. She defiantly went hard on this one. 9/10
  13. Lights – This is considered a slow number for M.I.A. A more chilled out approach. 8/10
  14. Know It Ain’t Right – Very light hearted. Very catchy lyrics too. 8/10
  15. Sexodus – So we’ve had Exodus with The Weeknd and now we have Sexodus with him again. This is the better collaboration out of the two for me and it ends the album perfectly. 8/10

Overall album rating: 9/10

Key Tracks: Matangi, Only 1 U, Bad Girls, Double Bubble Trouble, Bring The Noize, Know It Ain’t Right.