Pictured above: The Next Day Extra box set deluxe edition.

Music legend David Bowie surprised us all in January this year when he returned with a brand new single with a new album which followed in March called The Next Day.

The album went on to have such success worldwide going to #1 in 20 countries charts going Gold all over Europe.

Bowie has now released The Next Day Extra which is a double disc re-release with new songs and remixes that didn’t make the first cut.

The re-release 2nd disc contains 3 songs which were on the deluxe edition of the first edition of the album which were reviewed with the rest of the album earlier this year. Those tracks were Plan, So She and I’ll Take You There. If you want to read The Next Day album review I did earlier this year, click here.

This review will only contain the songs that weren’t on the previous edition at all. Strictly new songs and remixes.


  • Atomica – Should have made the first cut. Its instantly catchy and classic Bowie. 8/10
  • Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) – A 10 minute remix. A lot of fans love it but personally its a bit bland and not very catchy. Its too long and the only thing I like is the Major Tom reference. 4/10
  • The Informer – Reminds me of his classic hit Starman but no where near as good. A little bland. 5/10
  • I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix) – Not a huge change to the original version but a nice mix. 7/10
  • Like A Rocket Man – A little filler but does have that classic Bowie edge on it. 5/10
  • Born In A UFO – Beginning sounds like a bad rip off of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’ and so does the chorus. Song would have been better as an instrumental. 5/10
  • God Bless The Girl – The strongest track with Atomica. Should have also made the first cut. 8/10

Overall this re-release is good but its not anything spectacular or excellent like Bowie has delivered many times before. This release seems like a more of a cash-in for money for his record label. Bowie isn’t very interested in promoting his music any more, he just enjoys making it. Sadly the songs seem a bit obvious as to why the songs didn’t make the first cut minus two of them.

Overall album rating: 5/10