Pop legend Cher returns with her 25th studio album and her first in over a decade.

The Closer To The Truth album came out earlier this year when Cher premiered the single Woman’s World. She then went to release I Hope You Find It, a Miley Cyrus cover in Europe where she performed it on the UK X Factor. The single went on to become her 34th top 40 hit in the UK.

Released on 20th September 2013, the album has peaked in the top 10 in 6 countries so far, including the UK, US and Canada. Closer to the Truth debuted at number 3 in the United States, becoming her highest-charting solo album to date on the Billboard 200. Beating her previous record with 1998′s Believe and 2003′s The Very Best of Cher which both peaked at number 4. As half of Sonny & Cher, she only went higher once with Look at Us which peaked at number two in 1965. The album gave Cher top 5 albums spanning over 48 years, setting a new record for a female artist.

A “Dressed to Kill Tour” in support of Closer to the Truth, set to launch on March 22, 2014, in Phoenix, Arizona, was officially announced on September 23, 2013. It is yet to be said if the tour will reach to fans outside North America.


Track by track review:

  1. Woman’s World – She’s done all sorts of genre’s of music throughout her career but Cher is back and opens her album with the catchy bubblegum pop track Woman’s World. The song has such catchy lyrics with an addictive disco beat which reminds us why we all love Cher. 8/10
  2. Take It Like A Man – Instantly strong vocals and voice from the beginning as Cher shows she is still as fierce as she ever was. 7/10
  3. My Love – First up-tempo ballad on the album. Very mellow and beautiful and it shows a soft side to Cher. 7/10
  4. Dressed To Kill – Auto tune Cher at its best. The song is named after her upcoming 2014 tour and I can only imagine what this will visually look like live. 8/10
  5. Red – Overall a very good pop song. Up there with one of the best songs on the record. Instantly clicked and liked it on first listen. 8/10
  6. Lovers Forever – Sounds like an old 80’s pop song at times. Not bad, not brilliant. Wouldn’t feel out of place if it wasn’t on the album. 6/10
  7. I Walk Alone – One of my favourites on the album. Quirky, different, cool and a little Country. As soon as that chorus comes in, you’re in love and you’re hooked to the track. Backing vocals and also written by P!nk which is a huge bonus too. 9/10
  8. Sirens – Very fresh and classic about the whole track. The first proper ballad on the album. 8/10
  9. Favourite Scars – A very pretty song. The beat throughout carries the song very well as well as the lyrics. 7/10
  10. I Hope You Find It – A very touching ballad where you believe every word Cher is singing. Breathtaking and powerful vocals. One of Cher’s best ballads and another one of the albums highlights. 9/10
  11. Lie To Me – Written by P!nk yet again and it really shows on this track. No one else can write a ballad like P!nk. 7/10

Overall album rating: 7/10

Key tracks: Woman’s World, Red, I Walk Alone, I Hope You Find It.