Miley Cyrus, former Disney star returns with her first studio album in 3 years called ‘Bangerz’. Miley describes the album sound as “dirty south hip-hop” ditching her young teen sound and look. The album features huge names on the record from Pop Princess Britney Spears, to rappers like Nelly, Big Sean and Ludacris.

The first single from the record ‘We Can’t Stop’ was an instant #1 in the UK making Miley the first Disney star to get a #1 in Britain. The single went on to sell millions worldwide including a peak at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The second single Wrecking Ball matched or possibly topped the success of We Can’t Stop achieving another instant UK #1 single as well as her first US #1 single.

 Not only have the songs made a big impact on the radio and charts but both music videos have. From Miley twerking her ass off in We Can’t Stop We Can’t Stop to Wrecking Ball video being naked on a wrecking ball and licking a sledge hammer, every one has had Miss Miley on they’re lips. The VMA performance with Robin Thicke created a big stir too.

Not only have the singles had instant success, the album has too. Miley got her first UK #1 album selling over 30,000 copies. She also got a number one in her home country (the US), where she sold over 275,000 copies becoming her 5th non-consecutive #1 there. In total Bangerz has got to #1 in 5 countries so far and top 10 in 13 overall.


Track by track review:

  1. Adore You – An unexpected start for the album. With the album called Bangerz you would think it would start with a pow right? Wrong! Miley opens her album with a soft beautiful ballad. The song really grows on you after a few listens. 8/10
  2. We Can’t Stop – This is where the party starts. Get ready to twerk because Miley sure is. Great pop song which is a whole load of fun. 9/10
  3. SMS (Bangerz) – Catchy and addictive beat. Britney’s verse is the best part of the whole song. A club banger. 8/10
  4. 4×4 – One of my personal favourites. It has that instant catchiness to it where you could believe you heard it in the 90s at some point. Nelly’s offering to the sound is very decent too. 9/10
  5. My Darlin’ – One of my least favourites for sure. The track features the artist ‘Future’ on it who I am not a fan of at all. The auto tuned voice is annoying and adds nothing to the song. Kinda gets instantly boring very easily after 2 minutes. 5/10
  6. Wrecking Ball – A powerful track from Miley. You can feel the emotion she felt when recording this song. One of the better tracks on the record. 8/10
  7. Love Money Party – Similar to Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ but much much better. Big Sean’s verse fits the song very well. 8/10
  8. #GETITRIGHT – Potentially the absolute highlight of the whole record. Summer vibes as soon as the song kicks in which instantly makes you feel good.. Could not ask for anything better. Hopefully this becomes a single. 10/10
  9. Drive – A good track but not as great as the others. The song seems to be a fan favourite with her fans wanting it to be a 3rd single. Maybe it will grow on me more. 7/10
  10. FU – Something very Muse about the beat and slight Amy Winehouse like with the vocals. Powerful track. 8/10
  11. Do My Thang – When Miley sings the line “Imma imma do my thang” it is very Blondie ‘Call Me’ chorus. The infectious beat carries the song very well. 7/10
  12. Maybe You’re Right – Chrorus is very Bruno Mars ‘Just The Way You Are’. Great lyrics beautifully sung. 8/10
  13. Someone Else – The end of the track is the highlight for the song. The beat is very cool. A good way to end the album but not very powerful. 6/10

Overall album rating: 7/10