Haim are three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana, who had their breakthrough late 2012 supporting artists such as Ke$ha and Florence + The Machine. The band’s sound is described as “nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B” and “music that sounds like it was written on a lakeside retreat attended by Stevie Nicks, John Waite and En Vogue”.

In 2013, the band won the BBC sound of 2013 poll and signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation management group.

Majority of the time, the sisters music is compared to Fleetwood Mac when they were at their peak in the 70’s but the girls insist their influences come from more current music , such as 90′s girl bands TLC and Destiny’s Child to solo artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jessie Ware and Azealia Banks.

On 30th September, their album ‘Days Are Gone’ was released in the UK and debuted at #1 with sales of 37,005 beating Justin Timberlake to the top.


Track by track review:

  1.  Falling – A brilliant single which sets the mood of their sound and for the rest of the album. 9/10
  2. Forever – The first single they released with a really fun video. One of my personal favourites. 10/10
  3. The Wire – The band have recently been compared to Shania Twain on this single. I see it in this song and about two others but that’s it. This song is as gold as Shania. 9/10
  4. If I Could Change Your Mind – Pretty much like all their songs; uber catchy but this one tops it all. That chorus is so infectious. Love it. 9/10
  5. Honey & I – The Shania similarity shines the most within this track. Sounds like something Shania would release if she could come back. But anything like Shania is a complete compliment. 8/10
  6. Don’t Save Me – One of the highlights of the album. This has that classic Haim sound where you know its them when you hear it. 9/10
  7. Days Are Gone – An unexpected sound on this track. Very catchy after a few plays and great vocals. A stand out track on the album. 8/10
  8. My Song 5 – Very raw. Has that demo feel to it with a bit of polishing. Another stand out track. 8/10
  9. Go Slow – Very chilled out and smooth. Soft vocals throughout. 8/10
  10. Let Me Go – As soon as the vocals come in, you feel an instant Florence + The Machine Ceremonials vibe. The atmosphere and energy throughout the song is very nicely done. 8/10
  11. Running If You Call My Name – The second the track starts you get that gloomy Goldfrapp/Kate Bush feel to it. The ‘hey ho’ gives you ‘Running Up That Hill’ Kate Bush nostalgia. 8/10
  12. Send Me Down – I’m glad this was put onto the deluxe edition. It’s too good to have not been included. 9/10
  13. Edge – A very chilled summer vibe. Lovely soft soothing vocals. 8/10

Overall album rating: 8.5/10

Haim have for sure released one of the most exciting albums of 2013 and this album I feel will continue to amaze me with me finding new things I love about it. If you haven’t seen these sisters live yet, I highly recommend.