Newly released albums that are worth checking out


The 1975 – 1975 

Releasing 4 EPs and playing a load of live shows, they have been buzzing around for some time now. They have gained a big fan base already with their album debuting at #1. The album is has a great mix of 80s pop and modern day indie. Summer may be over but the 1975 bring back those memories with some of these catchy pop tracks.

Key track: Chocolate 

john legend

John Legend – Love In The Future

R&B soul man John Legend has returned with his first album in a couple of years. Love In The Future is filled with love songs, like the album suggests. Personally, 20 tracks on a deluxe edition is too many for me but its nice to see someone stay true to their R&B/Soul roots and help R&B come back like as big as it was back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

Key track: Made To Love


Goldfrapp – Tales Of Us

Allison Goldfrapp returns with a new record after 2010’s 80’s inspired ‘Head First’ with a very wintery Kate Bush-esque album. The album is not what most would expect it to sound. Goldfrapp didn’t go back to ‘Black Cherry’ or ‘Supernature’ electronic sounding songs, instead they went similar to their fan favourite records ‘Felt Mountain’ and ‘Seventh Tree’

Key track: Thea

Placebo – Loud Like Love


4 years after the release of ‘Battle for the Sun’ Placebo are back with a delicate and graceful album. The album still contains their signature sound but evolved once again into a new record which revolves around the theme of love.

Key track: Too Many Friends

Arctic Monkeys – AM


The Monkeys are back with their 5th studio album which is 2013’s 2nd fastest selling album of the year in the UK. The previous two albums from the band ‘Humbug’ and ‘Suck It And See’ have been a bit of a downer for myself but this album is for sure a huge improvement. The album is influenced from many musical genre’s from rock to hip-hop.

Key track: Fireside