Aluna and George photographed above.

AlunaGeorge are an English duo from London consisting of Aluna Francis (vocals and songwriting) and George Reid (production and instrumentation).

Early on the duo had instant recognition with them being shortlisted for the 2013 Brit Awards for the Critics’ Choice. In addition, the following week BBC announced they were nominated for the Sound of 2013 poll where they finished up at second place.

The bands sound is a mix of electronic, pop and 90’s R&B. The duo cite inspiration from artists including Flying Lotus, Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, etc. The band also cite Aaliyah, PJ Harvey, Van Morrison, etc as references.

On 26th July, the band released their highly anticipated album and debuted at #11 in the UK charts.


Track by track review:

  1. Outlines – Really sweet voice from Aluna, very soft and chilled out. Fans have said it reminds them slightly of Aaliyah. 8/10
  2. You Know You Like It – Catchy as hell, great chorus, a great start for the band when they first released it. 9/10
  3. Attracting Flies – Their best released single yet. Amazing beat, catchy lyrics with some sass. A top 20 hit that should have been for sure been a top 10. 10/10
  4. Your Drums, Your Love – Amazing beat and vocal as per usual, a great vibe to the whole song. 7/10
  5. Kaleidoscope Love – The incredible beats continues on, with Aluna’s great vocals yet again. 7/10
  6. Bad Idea – One of my favourites. Snappy cool lyrics with old school R&B vibes throughout. 9/10
  7. Diver – Insane bassline, another track with old school R&B vibes mixed with garage. 7/10
  8. Lost & Found – Another favourite. Catchy, addictive and experimental with a very British sound. You will remember the chorus the second time round hearing it. 9/10
  9. Best Be Believing – As if 80% of the songs on this album weren’t catchy enough, this track comes next! The beat, that damn chorus and those old school urban vibes. 9/10
  10. Superstar – Not the catchiest and some say its their least favourite but Superstar has something special. The chorus has some soppy lyrics but even their worst is still good. 7/10
  11. Just A Touch – Sexy and the album wouldn’t feel complete without it. 8/10
  12. Body Music – Like the lyrics say ‘Your body is like music baby, I just wanna play it again’, this song has a sexy vibe with a smooth yet memberable chorus. 8/10
  13. Friends To Lovers – Not very often that you get to see a slow AlunaGeorge song but Friends To Lovers is one of them. My personal least favourite but still has a lot of potential for it to grow on me a lot more. 6/10
  14. This Is How We Do It – A fantastic way to end the standard edition of the album with a cover of a classic 90’s hit. Since the band already have a strong 90’s vibe, this was a perfect cover for them to do. They for sure made this their own. 10/10

Overall album rating: 9/10

This album for sure is my favourite of 2013 so far. It’s everything I wanted and more. I love the 90’s vibe throughout, the old school R&B influence, the production from George and Aluna’s vocals. This band has HUGE potential in the future and I’m seriously excited to see what they do next. I’m rooting for them all the way!