Paramore released their self titled album on the 5th April 2013. This is the first album they have released as a 3 piece since Zac and Josh left. The album title came around because Hayley Williams said “The self-titled aspect of the whole thing is definitely a statement. I feel like it’s not only reintroducing the band to the world, but even to ourselves … By the end of it, it felt like we’re a new band.”

The first single from the album ‘Now’ released in January became a top 40 hit in the UK and received positive reviews and was compared to Blink-182’s latest music. The second single release from the album is Still Into You which is picking up in the charts very well and has had a lot of video play on the music channels.

The album so far has gone to #1 in 6 countries. The UK, Ireland, Scotland, US, Australia and New Zealand. This was the first Paramore album to get to #1 in the states with record sales of over 100,000.


This album is Paramore’s most critically acclaimed record to date and has overall been reviewed very positively. The Guardian – 4/5, NME – 7/10 and SPIN – 8/10.

Track by track review:

  1. Fast In My Car – The perfect start to the album. Fun, catchy, upbeat and very playful. Makes you wanna do what the title says, blast it and drive fast in your car. A more pop than rock track but you’d wish all pop music sounded like this! 10/10
  2. Now – Not the best song to release as a single first but has a classic Paramore sound to it. 7/10
  3. Grow Up – Single worthy for sure. Again, very catchy and could have been on the ‘Brand New Eyes’ album. 9/10
  4. Daydreaming – A more cool chilled out rock track on the album. Doesn’t stand out on the album but fits in with their old stuff. 6/10
  5. Interlude: Moving On – Should have been a full song. 8/10
  6. Ain’t It Fun – One of the best and a song you can imagine them performing live. 8/10
  7. Part II – Slightly similar to one of their previous tracks ‘Let The Flames Begin’ from their RIOT! album. An amazing beat too. 7/10
  8. Last Hope – The line ‘It’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going’ is the highlight of the song. A Paramore classic. 8/10
  9. Still Into You – Perfect single choice. Could be a song that Avril Lavigne could have released but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best songs they’ve ever done. The video is very playful and colourful too. 9/10
  10. Anklebiters – Short and snappy yet effective. Would be great played at festivals. 7/10
  11. Interlude: Holiday – A little out of place on the album, especially since this song is acoustic and goes straight into a rocky number. 5/10
  12. Proof – So catchy and is another one of many single worthy songs. 8/10
  13. Hate To See Your Heart Break – One of my least favourites. Catchy is a little weird. Could be a grower over time. 6/10
  14. [One Of Those] Crazy Girls – Reminds me something No Doubt may have done on their ‘Return of Saturn’ album. 7/10
  15. Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore – Another acoustic interlude. They sound a little out of place on the album but on their own, they’re good tracks. 7/10
  16. Be Alone – Typical Paramore track. Nothing majorly special and has a repetitive chorus. 7/10
  17. Future – Definitely a different sound for Paramore. Starts off soft and slow then the very rocky outro at the end makes an effective ending to the album but the song overall isn’t very catchy. 7/10

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Key tracks: Fast In My Car, Grow Up, Still Into You, Ain’t It Fun, Proof

Paramore will promote this record on a world tour. The tour has already started where it began in Australia in February. It will continue in North America at the end of this month then in June will tour in Europe at a number of festivals then they hit North America in the middle of July. The tour is still yet to be announced to visit the UK and more dates in Europe.