15. Go Deep (1998)

The house party we all wish we were at. The question is, what would you do if Janet knocked on your door?

14. The Pleasure Principle (1987)

One word: iconic.

13. Together Again (1997)

90’s at its best. This makes everyone want to go to Africa and chill with the elephants and monkeys.

12. When I Think Of You (1986)

Very 80’s and colourful when the world was a happy place. This makes kids want to be born in the 80’s.

11. What Have You Done For Me Lately (1986)

The song that made Janet go from Michael Jackson’s sister, to an independent woman.

10. Nasty (1986)

Nothing beats young Janet. “No my first name ain’t ‘baby,’ it’s Janet, Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty”

09. Rhythm Nation (1989)

Influential for sure. From Britney to Rihanna, the current pop princesses have learnt from this music video.

08. Love Will Never Do (Without You) (1991)

The first ‘Janet showing skin’ video. Undeniable beauty in this video that you really can’t get enough of.

07. Busta Rhymes feat. Janet – Whats It Gonna Be?! (1999)

Creative and such great chemistry between the two of them. Sexy and ‘weird’ at the same time.

06. All For You (2001)

Pop perfection. If this doesn’t make you smile and remind you of good times, then what’s wrong with you?!

05. Alright (1990)

Cab Calloway in one of his last on-screen appearances. This video is just on a whole different level to other videos. Its… just… so… bloody… brilliant! Watch and you’ll agree for sure! We see Janet as a queen that we all know her as today. Chris Brown used the idea in his ‘Yeah 3x’ music video.

04. Miss You Much (1989)

Superb dancing as per usual and the epic military uniform from this era is first seen in this video.

03. If (1993)

Best choreography EVER. Energy, energy, energy! Super sexy and pushing those boundaries. The 90’s belonged to Janet and no-one else!

02. Michael & Janet Jackson – Scream (1995)

Best collaboration of all time?! One of the most famous and expensive videos that graced our screens. The king and queen of pop saying a huge ‘FUCK YOU’ the media. Superstars at their best!

01. That’s The Way Love Goes (1993)

Perfect. Everything about it is flawless. Her face, body, voice, and the way the video was directed. Janet at her most beautiful. The moment where we see her go from a teenager to a beautiful young women. It makes you want to copy Janet and invite your friends round for a party with slow jams and bottles of wine. We also see a very early J-Lo in her career before she became ‘Jenny From The Bronx’.