All photography by me.

On March 23rd, David Bowie’s exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum opened in London. I was lucky enough to go on the 28th March and thoroughly had a great time.

When going into the museum you are given headphones which guide you all the way through his musical journey from him being a child to the superstar today. The headphones can sense where you are, so if you go through in your own order it can tell where you are and describe whats in front of you.

The museum includes Bowie’s personal belongings when he was a child, song lyrics he wrote for some of his most famous songs, original photos, videos and moving pictures, props, as well as many outfits he wore.

The museum takes you through era to era with interesting acts, photos and inspiration for some of his looks. During the first part of the exhibition there are doors with peep holes that show you effective video clips and photo’s of Bowie’s past.

They are strict on photo’s therefore I didn’t take as many photo’s as I wanted considering there was hell of a lot more I could have taken so I had to slyly take all these on my iPhone.

Album artwork and original photo’s plastered everywhere:


Multiple outfits:


Center: Serious Moonlight Tour outfit


Think White Duke suit.


Right: Ashes to Ashes clown outfit from the music video.


One of many Ziggy Stardust outfits.


Another Serious Moonlight Tour outfit.


More multiple outfits on display.

Museum also contained original sketches from tours and films such as the Glass Spider Tour:


Props from Labyrinth film:


The big room filled with outfits with a changing screen of Bowie signature photo’s. Screen sometimes changed into live footage’s from old tours:

Bowie Periodic table:


Many other photo’s I took:


10 12 13 14

28 29 30 31

Limited edition Bowie Life Mask avaliable to purchase for £125.00:


“Originally used as a makeup tester for the 1983 film ‘The Hunger’, this life size cast has been reproduced by sculptor Nicholas Boxall in a limited run of 300.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by the Artist.”

My purchases:


Top left: 16 Bowie Postcards. Bottom left: David Bowie Is exhibition official book.

Black sunglasses t-shirt. Bottom of t-shirt: Pencil, Rubber and Ziggy Stardust magnet.