The 20/20 Experience is the 3rd studio album by Justin Timberlake. The last album he released was 2006’s very successful FutureSex / LoveSounds. Like Timerlake’s first two albums, he worked with close producer friend Timbaland. The album was recorded between May – July in 2012 and was officially released March 15th 2013.

The album explores in different sounds. The classic urban Timbaland beats, neon soul sounds and elements of older soul music. Justin described the album as music you can see which could be the inspiration for the album cover (pictured below).

On March 18, 2013, Timberlake announced that the “second half” of The 20/20 Experience will tentatively be released in November.

So far, just over a week after its release the album has gone to straight to #1 in 8 different charts including the UK official charts and the US Billboard top 200. UK sales were an impressive 106,000 going Gold in the first week and a whopping 968,000 in the US. He is one of six artists to have sales over 850,000 in the first week within eight years. Other artists to achieve this includes Kanye West, 50 Cent and Lady Gaga.


The two singles released from the record so far ‘Suit & Tie’ which features Jay-Z and ‘Mirrors’ have had instant success going top 10 and #1 in many different charts across the globe.

Track by track ratings of 10:

  1. Pusher Love Girl – 8/10
  2. Suit & Tie – 7/10
  3. Don’t Hold The Wall – 8/10
  4. Strawberry Bubblegum – 6/10
  5. Tunnel Vision – 8/10
  6. Spaceship Coupe – 6/10
  7. That Girl – 8/10
  8. Let The Groove Get In – 9/10
  9. Mirrors – 9/10
  10. Blue Ocean Floor – 6/10

Overall album rating: 7/10

Key Tracks – Pusher Love Girl, Don’t Hold The Wall, Let The Groove Get In, Mirrors.

Timberlake will embark on a ‘Legends of the Summer’ tour with Jay-Z this year to promote the album. The tour will be performed at 13 shows in North America and one show in London, UK.

After a 6 year hiatus from making music I would overall say this is a great ‘comeback’ album from Mr. JT. The album has a lot of range. He has grown as an artist and some of the songs are JT like you have never heard him before and a few are classic Justin that people remember from back in the day. Timbaland has produced some epic beats on a few of the tracks which make the songs very radio friendly.