Oh we all love a guilty pleasure don’t we?

When I was growing up these pop bands sometimes known as ‘novelty bands’ were literally everywhere and were a massive part of my childhood. My first concert was at Wembley Arena in London which was S Club & S Club 8 (the juniors).

I thought I would reflect on some of the best #1’s from some of these bands. Lets start with the late 90’s:

Steps and their signature song ‘Tragedy’ released in 1998 – a Bee Gee’s cover which you think is their own song!

S Club 7 in 1999 with their debut single ‘Bring It All Back’

A one hit wonder to some extent. Hanson’s first single in 1997.

Five’s most famous song should we say? One of many great songs they had in the late 90’s.

The double denim girls B*Witched debut single C’est La Vie.

First #1 from the All Saints girls. Timeless ballad.

Girl power anyone? This list wouldn’t be the same without a bit of Spice!

Feel good song from the Vengaboys. A road trip sing a long song for sure!

The early 2000’s:

Who remembers this video? Low budget but brilliant at the same time.

Easily one of the best videos and #1’s of the early noughties. Liberty X with their Brit Award winning single in 2002.

Five proving covering a rock legends song can work. Then the rock legends deciding to release the song with them!

Don’t Stop Movin’ to the S Club beat!

The last #1 single from Five and the last song they released with each other as a band before they split.

Independent Women anyone? Destiny’s child continuing girl power in 2000’s with their hit for the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack!

The birth of PCD in 2005.

Should have been #1’s:

Mis-Teeq’s lead single from their 2nd and last album ‘Eye Candy’. Peaked at #2 and was a huge hit that people still remember today.

Could have been Five’s first #1 single due to them being number 1 in the mid week the day before official chart that week was released but Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ beat them to the spot over night leaving them to 3rd #2 single in a row.

Cleopatra comin’ atcha with their top 3 hit. Should have been a number 1!

Boy band blue with their debut single. A top 5 hit which is a good start but after all these years you would assume this was one of their #1’s right?