Hey guys! I know its nearly been two months since I made my last post but I’ve been pretty busy and distracted with other things.

This publication will include:

  • Abz’s underrated solo career
  • Him being the absolute highlight of The Big Reunion

So, Abz Love who’s real name is Richard Breen who was known as ‘Abs Breen’ in the late 90’s and early 00’s when he joined the band Five. Yes, FIVE!! the best boy band of my childhood who are back for ITV2’s show ‘The Big Reunion’


Five burst onto the scene with their ‘bad boy’ attitude with hits like ‘Everybody Get Up’, ‘If Ya Gettin’ Down’ and the ever so classic ‘Keep On Movin” which if you say you don’t know the words to, YOU’RE LYING.

When Five called it a day in September 2001, Abz decided to have a solo career in 2002. His first single ‘What You Got’ released in August 2002 which had a Justin Timberlake sound and vibe in the video peaked at #4 in UK singles chart and #9 in Ireland too. 2nd single release in the UK was the ever so catchy ‘Stop Sign’ in May 2003 which gave Love his second UK top 10 hit at #10. His 3rd and final single released in the UK ‘Miss Perfect’ featuring Nodesha which is potentially his most well known song was another top 5 hit.

One week later Abz dropped the album ‘Abstract Theory’ in the UK.


Even though the album may have only just made the top 30 albums chart, the album is filled with killer tracks and did receive positive reviews and was compared to some of Five’s best work.  It’s a superb mix of music styles, some of which may come as a shock to those expecting ‘just another pop album’ offering, as this is anything but. There’s something for everyone on this album, from Disco, to R&B coolness that will keep you dancing all night.

Highlights of the album:

  • The album starting with the bold and catchy ‘Stop Sign’ which starts the album on a high.
  • The ever so AMAZING song ‘7 Ways’ which was supposed to be released as the 4th UK single. So ahead of its time, still so great to this day and would be an instant hit if released today. A video was shot and can be seen on YouTube. Check it out!!
  • Back To The Limbo. The epic sample, the fun lyrics and is one to be put on a pre-party playlist.
  • Rain. A lovely ballad which you didn’t see very often in Five and shows a mature side to Abz.
  • Turn Me Up. Again, amazing sampling with catchy fun lyrics which have aged really well.
  • Shame. A single released in Australia.

I give Abstract Theory a 8/10. After 10 years since its release, the songs still sound current and don’t have that ‘cringe’ effect on them. I still play this album regularly and still recommend songs from it to people. Its just a shame people have either forgotten about the record and or never knew it existed which was the point of this post.

Not only was the album great. The singles had some great b-sides. ‘Music For Cars’ and ‘Stop That Bitchin’ from the single ‘Stop Sign’ were the best two.

Something I wasn’t going to write about, but has to be done:


Obviously it is great that he’s back with Five but his funny quotes, epic hats and sweet personality really make the show worth watching each week and is the highlight of the whole show. His honesty throughout has made me admire him and become a bigger fan.

5ive amazing quotes from Abz on the current hit show ‘The Big Reunion’ airing every Thursday on ITV2 at 9pm:

  1. Abz to Richie about when they first met – “I was like.. WHO IS THIS DUDE?! Seriously I had never encountered a being like you before.”
  2. About potentially getting a 5th member to replace J – “I’m gonna have a problem with the fifth member. Like, I don’t just want any other punk in the band.”
  3. Before meeting all the boys after not seeing each other for a while – “I feel a bit err anxious but just a little bit interested in seeing what everyone’s been up to and what they’re looking like now. I hope I don’t say nothing too rude like you know i’m saying… ‘ohh shit, you look terrible'”
  4. On the bands cover of Queens ‘We Will Rock You – “I know there was a lot of Queen fans that didn’t like it because we did suttin’ that was sacred but at the end of the day we rock n’ rolled that man’
  5. Abz on about going out and partying – “I liked to eat glass when I was out and about, like you do”


As well as Mr. Love’s hilarious quotes in his Jamaican accent, he also has great style in hats. The epic multicoloured hat (pictured above) is the ultimate.

Another lovely addition to the programme are the scenes with him and his girlfriend Vicky. They both live on a farm where they have a dog, 4 chickens – though stated he used to have 10. Dare I ask what happened to the rest? And he also grows curly carrots. That alone should have its own reality TV show. One day I’d love to try these carrots.

The Big Reunion has made me fall in love with Abz all over again.


Pictured above: My Abs CD/DVD collection including a Miss Perfect Promotional CD and a very rare 7 Ways CD single which was cancelled for release.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, my aim is to get at least one person to listen to this record that hasn’t already. So if anyone did, job done! Also it would be awesome if Abz himself ever saw this (wishful thinking) so he knows how much I appreciated the solo work as well as Five’s and to finally get my Abstract Theory album artwork signed 😦

Let me know what you thought of this post. Are you a fan of this record? Feel free to share it!!