It’s new years eve therefore let’s see who I played the most in 2012!

Most played artists of 2012!

1. Janet Jackson with 5,583 Plays
Last years #1 as well with 3,805 plays therefore a big increase this year! The Janet obsession continues for me each year. Janet to me is timeless and so nostalgic. Really hope another record is on it’s way in 2013.

2. Madonna with 3,821 Plays
Big increase this year considering Madonna was not in my top 20 most played in 2011 last year. A new album and tour this year helped the plays increase easily. MDNA Tour = one of the best live experiences ever.

3. No Doubt with 3,188 Plays
Last years #2 most played but with 2,224 plays. So happy to have them back after all these years. First studio album in over 10 years is CRAZY. Love the new record and can’t wait for them to do their world tour next year. I predict No Doubt to be in my top 5 next played next year too.

4. David Bowie with 2,493 Plays
Love Bowie but surprisingly wasn’t in my top 20 most played last year. Something obviously ticked me off this year to continually play him. Bowie is the type of artist that you keep finding interesting stuff about his records due to different themes and sounds.

5. Nicki Minaj with 2,127 Plays
Last years #11 on my end of year chart with 1,108 plays. The first half of this year I was loving Nicki. The first record released in 2010 and the Roman Reloaded one that was released at the beginning of 2012 but during the end half of 2012 I wasn’t feeling Nicki tbh. She keeps milking this Pink Friday business and that EP thingy she released really wasn’t good.

6. Kate Bush with 1,600 Plays
Not in my chart last year either but I do love Kate Bush. Big fan of her older records and not really her new ones. Shame we have to wait SO long for them though aye?

7. Lana Del Rey with 1,473 Plays
Born to Die easily the best album of 2012 for me. Love love LOVE Lana. Very excited that she has finally announced a UK tour for next May and I am for sure very excited to see her on her first proper tour. Both Born to Die and The Paradise Edition have for sure made 2012 more enjoyable for me.

8. Beyoncé with 1,260 Plays
Last year at #7 on my chart with 1,420 plays therefore a small decrease but Bey has not released a thing in 2012 though next year with her performance on the Super Bowl and new music confirmed for 2013 I am sure Beyonce will be far higher than she was on my charts this year and last. Honey B is yet to disappoint me.

9. Garbage with 1,048 Plays
Another band from the 90’s that have made a comeback. Even though they weren’t on my top played list last year and the majority of the plays this year is from their older albums, the new record does contain some killer songs. Unfortunately I couldn’t go see them the two times they toured the UK though I hear they are making another record so fingers crossed I get to see them when they tour for the next album.

10. Azealia Banks with 1,024 Plays
Easily the best newcomer of 2012 with Lana. Love her to death and I have already played her over 1,000 times and she only has demo’s, a 4 track EP and a mixtape. Her album has been delayed several times but it is coming in 2013 and I am SO excited. Seeing her live with year was one of my highlights of 2012.

11. George Michael with 996 Plays
Faith still remains as one of the best albums of all time to me. Timeless and every song is practically a hit. A British classic. Saw him on his Orchestra tour this year too and ‘Wow’ is all I can say. We got a few new songs from George this year too this summer and apparently a full album in 2013 therefore I am looking to that.

12. Bruce Springsteen with 975 Plays
The boss himself Bruce Springsteen! Wrecking Ball was surprisingly a really good album I enjoyed most of it. My plays still increase a lot from his older classic albums ‘Born to Run’, ‘The River’, ‘Born In The USA’ (Obviously) and ‘Tunnel of Love’. I am very excited to see him too next year in the summer. Good seats and everything!

13. Drake with 859 Plays
Last year in my top 20 at #16 with 708 plays. I keep forgetting that 2012 is the year I saw Drake 3 times live. Wow. As if ‘Take Care’ being one of one of my favourite records of 2011 wasn’t enough, he was easily one of the best entertainers I saw. Especially The O2 Arena and LG Arena shows. Really hope we get something new from Drake in 2013.

14, Marina & the Diamonds with 847 Plays
If I did a chart of my most played artists in 2010 then I recon Marina would have easily been in my top 3. Her debut album ‘The Family Jewels’ blew me away. Her 2nd album didn’t disappoint. Even though I feel there were a few filler songs there were still some really solid pop songs on it. Love Marina’s tongue and cheeky lyrics.

15. Alanis Morissette with 826 Plays
Last year on my chart at #19 with 674 plays. An increase of plays this year for Alanis because Jagged Little Pill still remains epic and a new record was released this year that did contain some really great songs. Seeing her twice this year probably helped too.

16. Florence + the Machine with 785 Plays
Number #20 on my chart last year with 642 plays. Florence Welch is seriously a goddess. Epic live shows, powerful voice and brilliant music videos. What else can I say?

17. Carrie Underwood with 763 Plays
A huge increase of sales overall for Carrie in 2012. A killer new album, great live show and I also met her at her album signing in the summer. Very excited to be seeing her live again next March. It’s the 2nd time she’s coming to the UK to do shows therefore you never know when she is coming back. My favourite female country artist of today.

18 Jennifer Lopez with 743 Plays
Last year on my chart at #10 with 1,220 plays. Finally a world tour from J to tha L-O! I don’t know why It has taken her like what about 13/14 years to actually do a tour?! But W O W worth the wait. She did everything I wanted and more. She delivered SO well. Easily in the top 10 shows I have ever seen. Seeing her at Wembley Stadium last year for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball was good, but this was something else. It was so nostalgic seeing all the old hits I watched on MTV when I was younger being performed right in front of me.

19. Rita Ora with 740 Plays
Another newcomer of 2012. I really enjoyed her album. Even though there are a few filler tracks, I think for a debut album it’s pretty good. Rita has for sure had some of the best singles of 2012. 3 number 1’s in a row is impressive too.

20. P!nk with 697 Plays
She’s back! Love P!nk and all her albums. Her current ‘The Truth About Love’ did not disappoint. I especially enjoyed the collaborations on it with Nate from fun, Eminem and my absolute fave, Lily Allen! (or Lily Rose Cooper from now on). Lily seems to miss my top 20 countdowns by a few plays because she hasn’t released anything new solo since 2009 😦

Top 20 most played songs of 2012:
1. No Doubt – Push and Shove (feat. Busy Signal, Major Lazer) – 259 Plays
2. Azealia Banks – 212 (feat. Lazy Jay) – 214 Plays
3. Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans – 200 Plays
4. No Doubt – Looking Hot – 196 Plays
5. Janet Jackson – Miss You Much – 195 Plays
6. No Doubt – Settle Down – 181 Plays
7. Janet Jackson – If – 159 Plays
8. Janet Jackson – Velvet Rope – 155 Plays
9. Azealia Banks – Liquorice – 153 Plays
10. Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid – 148 Plays
11. Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Without You) – 141 Plays
12. Janet Jackson – Because of Love – 138 Plays
13. Nicki Minaj – Va Va Voom – 136 Plays
14. David Bowie – Modern Love – 134 Plays
15. The Throne – Niggas in Paris – 133 Plays
16. Lana Del Rey – Diet Mountain Dew – 132 Plays
17. Nicki Minaj – Pound the Alarm – 131 Plays
18. Lana Del Rey – National Anthem – 128 Plays
19. Azealia Banks – 1991 – 128 Plays
20. Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains – 127 Plays